“Simply Amazing Turn out”!!

The January 17th 2016 Daburghjacks 2pm meeting got fourteen guys plus me that’s 15 guys=30 balls! This was the best turn out I’ve had since my First year Anniversary which got 22 guys. It started right away at 2pm 3 guys were at my door .All hot young and horny. They wasted no time stripping […]

Successful first meeting of the year!

  Wow 10 hot horny men attended my first meeting of the year. Three new faces joined as yearly members.One young man in his late 20’s ,one farmer man in his 40’s and a older man in his 60’s.The seven other men have been here before and some of them pay per visit ,but most […]

Stall wall and 12/20/15 meeting

Darren  is at it again.I tried this idea before ,but never in such a convenient format for YOU. A posting board in a forum style , I call it the STALL WALL. You are like sitting on the john in a men’s room and on the stall’s wall is all this scribbling to hookup with […]

The first night meeting at my home,12/12/2015

Success! Wow. They came to the meeting slowly. The last one showed up at 7:40 pm. he was in his 20’s horny and handsome as can be! He immediately took his pants off like he’d been here before,which he had not.Whip out a ready big hard dick, sat in a lounge chair .A local to Butler Pa. man […]

Let’s do the math….The Nov 14th meeting

The second Allegheny county meeting at our new venue went well for me.Nine men participated in our mixer/circle jerk and that is up from our last meeting there. I’m a drug free person/host unlike the owner of the venue I’m also in my 50’s .So I strive for some integrity, respect your intelligence  and honest in reporting how […]

The November 22nd,2015 meeting.

We got four horny men.One drove all the way from the south hills, it was his second time here and he shoot twice at this meeting.Two hot young men are using my meetings to basically hookup and have full hot sex.So rather then watch the porn on the big screen we watch them get it on. […]

The October 18th 2015 meeting.

Boy I got plenty of cum on my gym-jockstrap, it smells spunky as hell! The first man came early, like at 1:30 pm when the meetings starts at 2pm.He was a large married guy and I milked his first load with a slippery hand job . He was to later give me two more to […]

First meeting at our new spot,10/10/2015

How does one measure success?Seven horny men exploring each other as we rocked to club music and eat mini sandwiches and had beer,water or pop?One member called it successful for our first meeting there. We watch some porn which I was told later needed to be improved. Our new place above the Gay life television […]