May is National Masturbation Month! (read my newsletter)

  The home meeting  of April 13th 2014,  went nice, nine men showed up.Four new comers.Plus my dude and I made eleven.It was a very relaxed meeting,some had to leave early and only a few shot their loads.It was fun having a nice turn out and if you are a man that showed up ,please return in May because May is National Masturbation month and we will doing something special and different.I'm open to ideas in your comments here.I.e. a circle jerk shooting contest,where the first man to shoot gets his money back, or who ever can shoot the farthest or have the biggest load. Get back to me at which one you would like,if you attend.
   Give me some face to face feedback at the next meeting which is at Club Pittsburgh May 5th and KEEP JACKIN!

No credit card,just register and COME.

OMG,! It doesn't take a room full of guys to have big fun.In fact the seven men that joined my jack off group was just fine.One very handsome fit young man found us through the website joined us.He was shy but jacked with us then went upstairs.Billy mid-age man with rugged masculine looks and a tree-trunk cock ,and repeat visitor to my group came,he played with Brian ,they had a two-some.
   The star of the show was a smoking hot, plus friendly, not-stuck up young man visiting Club Pittsburgh.He was so hot and hung so thick,I let him in free!This guy was the type that makes men hard!
  My fantasy was for-filled when Pat ,a mid-age man poured a huge load into my jock-strap,I got three loads into it that night at the group.
    Now onto business.The ticket portal is getting looked at,(I'm a webmaster I can see that),but the tickets are not being bought.I understand many guys don't want a paper trail to this group,so I'm going to make it a register button and guys can pay at the door.I will require a working email address .I'm going to experiment with this to see if guys show up ,after they are through being horny once they've registered.So join us at the home meeting April 13th in Butler pa.

Better then Craigslists!

Have you ever tried to get a serious hook up on craigslist and all you got was teasers and game players?Thats because its free and available to every weirdo on the net you  could imagine.Not saying I screen every guys that writes on my wall,that is up to you, but they slap down a one time 5$ fee and the posting is permanent  and the local male traffic that find my website are  discreet ,serious plus hot men. So write on my wall today and get your ass ready for some real fun!! go to my Men's room wall now!

Our first Spring meeting..

   Eight hot men showed up. Three were newcomers and said they would definitely come again. A couple of guys knew each other and chatted and re-united.Plus they enjoy the hot big dicks that came to the party.One in particular was a tall 30 something married man dressed in hunter gear that came late.That was okay because he was hung very nice!
   Lot of sucking went on though all came by jacking off.One steady member shot into the cum-bowl.
Two couple paired off and use my bedroom to play in.
  I had pizza , beer and cold water,though no one ate.All in all our first meeting in nice weather was great.One member found the promo code and got in for free.Subscribe to our newsletter found on the homepage, to get it.
  As you may know ,as of now any one may join us but in July of this year we will be going MEMBERS ONLY, so join today.

The Velvet Rope....

The March 3rd meeting at Club Pittsburgh was weird .Not the fact that only two guys paid to join in,but the hottest action happened at the entrance to the party at the velvet rope.I must have been
 email communicating with this hot young man :He promised to be at the March 16th meeting.The guys that came to my door entrance  to the party, were met with my warm smile at the Velvet  Rope ,that I lower when they pay to get in,but no one wanted to go back to their locker and get the five bucks,so we played at the rope.He got shot on by a very thick cock and wants to relive a experience he had with 5 guys that shot their load onto him.So dont miss this hot young thing March 16th at the Butler pa. home meeting.

The February 23rd home jackoff meeting

Darn it! success again! Eight hot men showed up. Two never been with us and they were smoking hot!all came on time and lots of sucking went on, with the jackin.A steady member brought 2 fleshjacks .A young member got a heavy facial from 3 guys.
  I had mini wieners and cracker with seafood salad ready too.
 Most of the guy were in there 40's two in there early  30 and one was 24.One was 61.I managed to get a big clear load shot into my gym-jock.
 All in all a very nice turn out and lots on man fun.

Daburghjacks 2nd year Anniversary party

WOW... What a hot time we had at the 2nd year Anniversary party.I had a meaty man pizza,mild wings and beer for the eleven men that showed up.
 They all but one came on time within the first hour,which is appreciated.
  Most of the men were between 30 years old and 56.Two were in their 20's.
  At first we played in the living room,but when they got more relaxed they partnered up and use the two bedrooms as well.
   Quite a few were guys that have been to my meetings before,infact we had three guys that were new comers.My lover enjoyed the variety of penis and wore a sexy posing strap,dog collar and ball strecher.I liked that he was here and not make me feel unpartnered.
    He  showed his tramp stamp to all. 2013_09_0718_59_36_11.jpg 
   Jackin went on of course but a lot of cock sucking was happening too, and the guys in the close door bedroom did what ever they wanted to do.
  A yearly member showed up with his big hairy dick.A young ginger man who came before,showed up late but we had fun with him in the bedroom.My buddy big dick uncut Dave surprised me and brought a hot young man with him.Ron a older man shot three loads!All in all they said they had a good time and would return.
  We are now going into our third year of jack off meetings for the Western Pennsylvania area,so don't just read about the fun .Come to the next meeting.    

OUR Pantech Swift - Lavender CELL PHONE 4 SALE

Gregg got me a upgrade and bought me a cool nokia 920 smart phone.He got one too.
  He selling a perfectly work Pantech Swift - Lavender CELL PHONE .email us at to get it! 60$ or best offer.

The January 12th home meeting

Due to privacy for my men and safety of the home location,I don't respond to my ad on craigslist with the location of my home,until the very day of the meeting.My men deserve discretion and we also like to know who is coming into our home. On the day of the meeting I put a ad out and then will respond to strangers from craigslist with the location.
  I do this because of the success of November 2013 meeting when I put a craigslist ad out the day of the meeting and got 11 men.
 That being said we got five men ,(six with me) at the meeting today.One that used the ticket portal on the website's homepage( which we prefer) .Two regulars that have been to my meetings,and two from craigslist.
  Three men filled the cum bowl ,and Bill got a facial again.


Well 6 men paid to have some fun at the monthly Daburghjacks meeting at Club Pittsburgh.It was kinda success being that it feels like 20 below outside and there are frostbite warnings.
  Two men hit the cum bowl.Our buddy from Uniontown came up.A nice hairy young bear type joined us. They did wander from the group but they'd come back, and rain,sleet or snow the meeting will be there every first Monday of the month at 6pm . Expect for February 3rd's meeting which is our Anniversary party.Keep checking the homepage for details .We will not be at Club Pittsburgh for February 3rd's meeting, but will have it at our home in Butler pa.


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