How was the Saturday night 6/11/16 meeting?

We got nine men with one new comer and he was hung and hard with thick meet and big nuts ,in his late 30’s.The men are getting to know eachother and we need you to join  us to add some new blood . Lot of  jackin and ball feeling was done.Got one big load in […]

Buffalo N.Y. Gay pride week!

Even though I run a Pittsburgh pa. based jack off group , I’m originally born and raised from Buffalo NY so my lover and I decided to go to my home town’s Gay pride events. The first gay pride 2016 Buffalo event we attended was the flag raising ceremony,May 31th in Niagara square with the […]

The May 22nd, 2016 meeting.

We got 6 hot men . Three new guys,with a frisky handsome hung new comer and another new delicate type guy from the city of Pittsburgh and a young bear man with big balls that shot twice. We stayed in the main living room watching porn on my big screen from my pc, and did […]

The May 14th meeting of masturbation month.

The membership drive with the secret password for the discount here> got three news faces at this meeting. One from the city of Pittsburgh pa. joined as a lifetime member,two with the membership drive (which saved them 25 bucks).In total we got eight horny men.Including me made 18 balls in the house,,lol. Four steady […]

The Sunday,April 24th 2016 meeting.

The 4/24/16 meeting… I got seven guys for the April 24th jack off meeting. Three new faces, all of whom joined as yearly members. One was very sexy dark italian type about 40 with a sexy body and very big hard cock.Another new face was a local Planet fitness gym buddy.The other new face was […]

How was the Four Year Anniversary party?

It went off beautifully with a nice intimate group of 10 horny men with me that made 11 guys.Twenty-two bouncing balls! We had two attendees from way back that decided to come and revisit and celebrate the anniversary .One a humpy young beard muscular  straight man who joined at the yearly level, with big nuts […]

Solosexual excerpt by Jason Armstrong.

MY SPRING NEWSLETTER It was the spring of 2013 and the Black Eagle was hosting the event Trade in Toronto. The bar’s backroom was being renovated and so ownership got special permission from the city to allow for sex to happen any and everywhere in the bar. I went up the steps to the second […]

Man Scent. Are you kinky or vanilla ?

                HOT NEWS! I figure you know what kinky means.Vanilla when use to describe sex action mean plain ordinary boring sex acts. Which in my opinion does not turn me on.Well I’m gay and that’s kinky from the start, and you know the saying “Sex ain’t dirty unless it’s […]

WOW what a awesome time! 3/20/16 meeting.

   We got 11 hot horny men at this last winter 2016 meeting of the year.One new face and Bob a visitor that regularly comes, joined up as a yearly member.He got a facial by two guys.We got four young men and the rest were between 35 to 50 years old.A bear type guy was […]