May is National Masturbation Month! (read my newsletter)

  The home meeting  of April 13th 2014,  went nice, nine men showed up.Four new comers.Plus my dude and I made eleven.It was a very relaxed meeting,some had to leave early and only a few shot their loads.It was fun having a nice turn out and if you are a man that showed up ,please return in May because May is National Masturbation month and we will doing something special and different.I'm open to ideas in your comments here.I.e. a circle jerk shooting contest,where the first man to shoot gets his money back, or who ever can shoot the farthest or have the biggest load. Get back to me at which one you would like,if you attend.
   Give me some face to face feedback at the next meeting which is at Club Pittsburgh May 5th and KEEP JACKIN!

No credit card,just register and COME.

OMG,! It doesn't take a room full of guys to have big fun.In fact the seven men that joined my jack off group was just fine.One very handsome fit young man found us through the website joined us.He was shy but jacked with us then went upstairs.Billy mid-age man with rugged masculine looks and a tree-trunk cock ,and repeat visitor to my group came,he played with Brian ,they had a two-some.
   The star of the show was a smoking hot, plus friendly, not-stuck up young man visiting Club Pittsburgh.He was so hot and hung so thick,I let him in free!This guy was the type that makes men hard!
  My fantasy was for-filled when Pat ,a mid-age man poured a huge load into my jock-strap,I got three loads into it that night at the group.
    Now onto business.The ticket portal is getting looked at,(I'm a webmaster I can see that),but the tickets are not being bought.I understand many guys don't want a paper trail to this group,so I'm going to make it a register button and guys can pay at the door.I will require a working email address .I'm going to experiment with this to see if guys show up ,after they are through being horny once they've registered.So join us at the home meeting April 13th in Butler pa.

Better then Craigslists!

Have you ever tried to get a serious hook up on craigslist and all you got was teasers and game players?Thats because its free and available to every weirdo on the net you  could imagine.Not saying I screen every guys that writes on my wall,that is up to you, but they slap down a one time 5$ fee and the posting is permanent  and the local male traffic that find my website are  discreet ,serious plus hot men. So write on my wall today and get your ass ready for some real fun!! go to my Men's room wall now!

Our first Spring meeting..

   Eight hot men showed up. Three were newcomers and said they would definitely come again. A couple of guys knew each other and chatted and re-united.Plus they enjoy the hot big dicks that came to the party.One in particular was a tall 30 something married man dressed in hunter gear that came late.That was okay because he was hung very nice!
   Lot of sucking went on though all came by jacking off.One steady member shot into the cum-bowl.
Two couple paired off and use my bedroom to play in.
  I had pizza , beer and cold water,though no one ate.All in all our first meeting in nice weather was great.One member found the promo code and got in for free.Subscribe to our newsletter found on the homepage, to get it.
  As you may know ,as of now any one may join us but in July of this year we will be going MEMBERS ONLY, so join today.

The Velvet Rope....

The March 3rd meeting at Club Pittsburgh was weird .Not the fact that only two guys paid to join in,but the hottest action happened at the entrance to the party at the velvet rope.I must have been
 email communicating with this hot young man :He promised to be at the March 16th meeting.The guys that came to my door entrance  to the party, were met with my warm smile at the Velvet  Rope ,that I lower when they pay to get in,but no one wanted to go back to their locker and get the five bucks,so we played at the rope.He got shot on by a very thick cock and wants to relive a experience he had with 5 guys that shot their load onto him.So dont miss this hot young thing March 16th at the Butler pa. home meeting.

The February 23rd home jackoff meeting

Darn it! success again! Eight hot men showed up. Two never been with us and they were smoking hot!all came on time and lots of sucking went on, with the jackin.A steady member brought 2 fleshjacks .A young member got a heavy facial from 3 guys.
  I had mini wieners and cracker with seafood salad ready too.
 Most of the guy were in there 40's two in there early  30 and one was 24.One was 61.I managed to get a big clear load shot into my gym-jock.
 All in all a very nice turn out and lots on man fun.

Daburghjacks 2nd year Anniversary party

WOW... What a hot time we had at the 2nd year Anniversary party.I had a meaty man pizza,mild wings and beer for the eleven men that showed up.
 They all but one came on time within the first hour,which is appreciated.
  Most of the men were between 30 years old and 56.Two were in their 20's.
  At first we played in the living room,but when they got more relaxed they partnered up and use the two bedrooms as well.
   Quite a few were guys that have been to my meetings before,infact we had three guys that were new comers.My lover enjoyed the variety of penis and wore a sexy posing strap,dog collar and ball strecher.I liked that he was here and not make me feel unpartnered.
    He  showed his tramp stamp to all. 2013_09_0718_59_36_11.jpg 
   Jackin went on of course but a lot of cock sucking was happening too, and the guys in the close door bedroom did what ever they wanted to do.
  A yearly member showed up with his big hairy dick.A young ginger man who came before,showed up late but we had fun with him in the bedroom.My buddy big dick uncut Dave surprised me and brought a hot young man with him.Ron a older man shot three loads!All in all they said they had a good time and would return.
  We are now going into our third year of jack off meetings for the Western Pennsylvania area,so don't just read about the fun .Come to the next meeting.    

OUR Pantech Swift - Lavender CELL PHONE 4 SALE

Gregg got me a upgrade and bought me a cool nokia 920 smart phone.He got one too.
  He selling a perfectly work Pantech Swift - Lavender CELL PHONE .email us at to get it! 60$ or best offer.

The January 12th home meeting

Due to privacy for my men and safety of the home location,I don't respond to my ad on craigslist with the location of my home,until the very day of the meeting.My men deserve discretion and we also like to know who is coming into our home. On the day of the meeting I put a ad out and then will respond to strangers from craigslist with the location.
  I do this because of the success of November 2013 meeting when I put a craigslist ad out the day of the meeting and got 11 men.
 That being said we got five men ,(six with me) at the meeting today.One that used the ticket portal on the website's homepage( which we prefer) .Two regulars that have been to my meetings,and two from craigslist.
  Three men filled the cum bowl ,and Bill got a facial again.


Well 6 men paid to have some fun at the monthly Daburghjacks meeting at Club Pittsburgh.It was kinda success being that it feels like 20 below outside and there are frostbite warnings.
  Two men hit the cum bowl.Our buddy from Uniontown came up.A nice hairy young bear type joined us. They did wander from the group but they'd come back, and rain,sleet or snow the meeting will be there every first Monday of the month at 6pm . Expect for February 3rd's meeting which is our Anniversary party.Keep checking the homepage for details .We will not be at Club Pittsburgh for February 3rd's meeting, but will have it at our home in Butler pa.

December 15th meeting


 Eight hot fit hung guys came to this home meeting.All of them shot a load too.Five of the guys have been to a meeting or several meetings.We had three new comers.One that wants his girl friend to attend .Another super hot man young from Kittaning just poured cum onto Bills face.
 I'm happy too see the repeat faces and if you ever joined us please attend the next meeting.
   Going into the new year we will be doing our membership drive harder.Hope to see you soon and..KEEP JACKIN!

The December 2nd Club Pittsburgh meeting.

Wow...This group just gets better and better.Nine hot men all very nice and attractive ,came to the group jack off at Club Pittsburgh!It started with a middle age married guy,that was a true jacker only and hung very thick and long like a horse.A young male couple from Uniontown showed up.Then a young brotha came and shot twice on me.Jake a participant from long ago returned.
  The majority of the meeting was two hot men playing on a massage table.
  As usual,at the club meeting, guys didn't stay in the play area,but it brought some hot men into Club Pittsburgh.Sign up now for the hotter then hot home meeting on December 15th in Butler pa.

Daburghjacks will be on television !!!

My lover and I met with the owner of Gaylife Television a Pittsburgh based company, on this Thanksgiving morning to discuss a future real broadcast interview with me about Daburghjacks and it's creation and mission and just what it's all about and what goes on at the meetings.
   I'm really excited about getting my fifth- teen minutes of fame and introducing the world to my group action.Plus letting local Pittsburgh pa. area men know there is a place where they can play safely.Also gaining a relationship with the people at Gaylife Television.
  So keep checking Dirty Talk and this blog to find out when you can see me talk "live" about this happening group action.

November 17th meeting,super success!

OH MY FU**ING GOD!  The November 17th home meeting was tremendously successful. 10 hot men showed up.
 It started with a very handsome beard man ,young in his twenties very muscular and with sexy tats.I was glad he was the first so that guys would see him and get warmed up.He also at the end would be the guy that filled my gym jock.
   Then my new ginger bear buddy showed up with his thick mushroom cock and huge balls.Not bear as in fat either.
 After that they just kept arriving.We had a married guy that never been with men and he was in all male heaven.We laughed at the  constant thrill in his eyes.He was nervous at first but this home setting of Daburghjacks put him at ease.
  A steady member got his face bukaked.
A few guys wanted privacy so I  let them play in my bed with the door closed.Soft porn music was playing at all times and beer and wings were available and a few partook in those.
  The smiles and male bonding and hugs and handshakes was every where.
  To top it off a late comer knocked on the door and oh my God he was SMOKIN! Cute Latin, 25 with a killer handsome face and body.Im still reeling over who great the party went.
 I think it went well due to a morning craigslist ad. Guys are horny then and want action NOW!

Daburghjacks and Club Pittsburgh

I have trouble with the media man ,Tony of Club Pittsburgh.He doesn't tweet my meeting or Facebook them. The ones that meet at Club Pittsburgh that is. The follow is just one of the emails I got recently from a member.

"Since finding out about Da Burgh Jacks, I actually started visiting Club Pgh. I have been there at least six time and have gotten my cock sucked in the steam room, my ass licked multiple times, and finally two weeks ago, I finally found a guy whose cock wasnt tiny or shriveled and I sucked him while he sucked me. I still chickened out when it came to swallowing his cum but I let him cum on the gusset of my thong so whenever I wear that thong is dried cum touches my asshole. Lol. "

I have brought business to the Club. Why can't they promote me more?
The November 4th meeting was the first meeting with the new time of  6pm to 9pm .I got one guy ,but he fil the bill ,,was very hot 23, friendly and a construction work .The guy came down in dirty work pants before he went back upstairs to clean up.
 We are advertising the new time as a blue collar /suited men's meeting. He was spot on!
FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK; promo code; butlerjacker

The first Butler city pa, meeting

Well the first Butler city pa. jack off  home meeting went well(Oct 20th).It was a lesson in planning as well.We had 13 registered guys ,the guys that registered free, those between 18 and 25 did not show up.The guys that paid in advance except for one did show up.I had hot wings and beer and a few partook in those.
   There was a hot tattooed military man with a hard dick and nice balls.Then there was a Butler local with big mushroom head, fat dick and large sac that had a nice bulge even when he was dressed,and a friendly attitude .Then there was Bill a daddy type that shot a nice load into the cum bowl,the Butler local did too. We all felt up each other and sucked and jacked off and had a very manly time.
    We talked about why the guys that signed on for free didn't show.So we will charge guys 18 to 25 five bucks from now on, then we should get them.

New meeting time!...6pm to 9pm

 The October 7th meeting went ok,,though only 3 guys paid to join us . My lover join me in attending and we both had a great time.
    The downtown Club Pittsburgh meeting has a new time, 6 pm  due to the dynamics of my new relationship and me relocating . I now live in Butler pa. and getting back home at 10pm on a work day is just to much of a burden to ask my lover ,who drives me back to ask.
   I will be campaigning the new meeting time as the blue collar/suit before rush hour meeting. It will end at 9 pm 

Daburghjacks is moving to Butler pa.(16001)

   That's right the home meeting that meets on a Sunday at 2pm ,mid-monthly, will be going north.To my lovers place.I'm moving in with him.The first one will be October 20th,2013,at 2pm.
  Yesterday's last jack off meeting was the last one for us in Beaver county.Only two very hot young men came.I guess the word got out about the move.Any way ,it turned out to be quite romantic for the two that showed up.I lit a candle and soft music from the porn was playing and I also dim the lighting.
   After 2pm ,into say 2:20 ,we figured no one else was coming.So I let them play while i cooked,wings and a pecan pie.
  You see I met my lover at one of my meetings and not to be a match maker,but they looked so good together and I'd like my guys to find happiness like I did.So basically they kissed and made love while I watched.
   Guys 18 to 25 can come to the meetings for five bucks.That's both the Club Pittsburgh meeting the first Monday of each month and the Butler pa.mid-monthly home meeting.So R.S.V.P. and tell me weather you are 18 to 25.Other's pay 5 bucks at the Club meeting and 10$ at the home meeting.

Five dollar home meetings!!

Well ,this  years labor day meeting wasn't like last years. We only got three guys.So four including me played and enjoyed ourselves.A participant named Gary had a beautiful large cock with a big mushroom head.He gave a facial to Tim a young man that joined us.Gary was a true jacker and I ended up jacking and shooting with him.
  I had moved the meeting from the usual first Monday of the month,due to the holiday, to Tuesday .I tried to get that information out as much as I could.Oh well ,I expect the home meeting ,September 15th to be a success so see you then.Remember young men 18 to 25 get in for 5 bucks at the home meetings now!

August 18th home meeting..

Well I  had 7 guys that r.s.v.p.ed for the meeting on the website and 3 showed up. So 4 hot men including me had a nice time.It wasn't one of my best meetings ,but we made do and had a good time. I had chicken wings and beer for the guys and one did partake in that.My humpy buddy from up north came down 300 miles again to join us and shot on my dick and shot again watching a hot jack off video.
    We are going to boost the home meetings by offering free admission to guys 18 to 25, and yes I need to see your I.D. for that. So  R.S.VP.   for the September 15th meeting and tell me if you are 18 to 25 as well, other ages welcome!

The August 5th Club Pittsburgh meeting.

The club meeting had the flavor like it always does.Men checking out to see any new faces, then floating around the rest of the club.That being said thirteen really nice men paid their admission to the jack off meeting.The guys that were there on time at seven pm,well they were a handsome group and they played well together.We had two men from out of town,that were hung and hot in their 40's.About 3 of the 13 guys were curious club members.Which is good it means the rest came directly through my campaigning.
   The staff of Club Pittsburgh was quite happy with the turn out and so was I.I mostly manned the door and greeted my guys and let them have fun.
    My lover was outside in his car waiting for me.I had called him twice just to talk.He didn't come in and was very patient with me.I had met him while setting up one of my meeting at the club.So come join us.You will meet  a nice  guy too.

My Birthday month meeting,,,

    I got a nice birthday present from a steady participant,Nate.A blue ball stretcher!  Nate is a married guy and this was his second time being with guys.You wouldn't know it because of his ease around men jackin..he was the star of the meeting.
 Four men showed up, so five men including me, that's 10 balls. I created low light and play jack off porn with soft music like always. We edged alot using some SPUNKLUBE and felt each other up. .Three men hit the cum bowl.Beer was offered but none par-took. All in all a very nice jack off meeting .


Even though my R.S.V.P page register only three guys coming ,eight men participated in this monthly Daburghjacks meeting held on July 1st,and they all weren't Club Pittsburgh guys either.Two hot men shot into the cum bowl.The rest played around and eventually drifted to other parts of the club.I'm getting okay with it.What can I  do? Tie them down!
   Well the next meeting will be July 21st at my home at 2 pm  R.S.V.P. NOW, I have limited room at my apartment.


Membership Drive.

      Well the May 19th meeting was a bust. The warm months can be funny I  have to hit the right date for guys to be free and want to play inside.Can't win them all.
      I'd like to get to a point where I  don't have to campaign  for each meeting on craigslist, doing email blasting , posting on Manhunt and Adam4adam and Lifeout. We have a steady following of few men and 3 real members, but we need more.
       If you are reading this blog posting and want to join .At this time I will offer a 10$ discount on the 50$ yearly membership level.  Just fill out the membership as usual and i will hand you 10 bucks the meeting you attend. Spread the word about this membership drive guys and any suggestion will be appreciated.My goal is to have a solid group of hot men by the end of summer so join today!

ps; We will also start a private for members only picture list ,because guys always ask "who  will be there" and it will be for member eyes only.Still with no shared email address though. So send in your recent picture too.

Group integrity...

Recently Daburghjacks campaign hard to get a group of guys to make a daisy chain.It was unsuccessful as far as making one.Eight men did show up and they had a good time messing around, but I have been wishy-washy with the true meaning of the group as far as just mutual masturbation.
  I started this group as a defined niche',masturbation.The Daisy chain was really a test and too appease cocksuckers .I can't make every one happy and I really have to provide that safe sex outlet some men want and need.Now I know my numbers may go down at first , but we are exploring the "no lips below the hips' rule that a few of the jack off groups that  I network with apply.Please comment and /or vote with the form below. Would you come to a jack off only meeting?

The writing contest winner is green.

DaburghJacks ran a erotic writing contest to add fresh content to the website.We got two great submissions that are up for public voting.Read and cast your vote for the cash winner!You can comment on the submission to cast your vote.Voting will end April 26,2013.

The winner is green below.He won the fifty dollar prize and a Daburghjacks t-shirt.


The April 14th,home meeting...

Six men showed up, from the nine that r.s.v.ped .Three were repeat steady guys that been to these mutual masturbation groups before.
  It was tense at first,but they loosened up and had a great time in my bedroom area,after a young guy from West Virginia ,who you could tell was not used to a mix crowd, left.The cum bowl went dry because the men shot on themselves after being edged up from being blown or and getting a hand job.
  A few asked about the up coming, Manly Daisy Chain event at Club Pittsburgh May 6th,2013.  I told them as of now it is a pre- ticket only party and YOU can get your ticket with the button below. Don't miss this one sure to be lots of hot fun...

Eventbrite - Daburghjacks Manly Daisy Chain event

The April 1st 2013 meeting..

   Well I  don't know what to say about this meeting other then it was good and bad. More bad though .The guys cant seem to stay in the play area . It started okay with 5 to 6 hot men jacking off, with a total of 9 all together , but they wondered from the group again.
  A older man join in .He was 84 and over weight. When he sat down in the group one by one they all left.He was left sitting there by himself.HE POOPED MY PARTY! Even though Daburghjacks does not engage in being mean or cruel it is up to me and I  had a long kind talk with him and asked him not to come again.
   Other then him there were a few nice young men at the meeting.A Italian guy from Moon township, hairy with big calf's and muscular legs and big balls and a thick tool was lots of fun.
  Well the next meeting at Club Pittsburgh on May 6th well be special and closed door.
Daburghjacks first annual Manly Daisy Chain Event. Height and weight proportionate guys under 55 only and prepaid tickets only. 
  I will have thick comfy blankets on the floor for the guys to make a unbroken chain of men 69ing or/and handjobing  each other..
    the ticket portal gives you the option to be a participant or to watch  the Manly daisy chain grow.
 Well before that is the home meeting in Ambridge pa. on April 14th. Hand picked hot men  10$ .To get in on that rsvp with stats and or a picture. 

The Daburghjacker; March,17th 2013

WOW! Eleven hot men showed up only two didn't mix their boys from their jizz into the cum bowl.I contributed later.22 balls in one room!Lots of very big dicks attended this party and mostly young guys too.The party lasted for two hot hours.Men feel most masculine at the point of ejaculation and we really experience and share that at Daburghjacks! I create low light and played hot porn with sexy music.A lot of cock-sucking and edging went on at first but the guys shoot into the cum bowl as we all watched and cheered a guy as he would cum.We used the exclusive lube for our parties SPUNKLUBE, a great slippery product. We all counted the spurts of several hot big dicks.Several men spurted more then five to six spurts or more.One young man shot twice.Another young man showed up with a big gauged Prince Albert pierced cock.A  hot model type right out of a fuckin' porn magazine with a tree trunk long fat cock and hot tats showed up.It was his first time here and he said he would return.They were all happy and said they would return.Nude and or shirtless with our dicks in our hands jackin, we all enjoyed the macho masculine fun.If you are a man that attended this or any of the meetings,please comment on the fun and give suggestions or any concerns,Thank you.

Hot tumblr,pictures

The most hottest tumblr on the net. Tell us what you think!

March 4th meeting..

Daburghjacker; 3/4/2013
    Seven guys participated . We gathered in the comfy lounge area.Lots of jacking went on but more sucking then at a lot of meetings.Tim did show up and we admired his hot muscular bod and sexy tattoos .One guy hit the cum bowl.There was a great cocksucker there with a mouth like a pussy.He did a few of us. He was hung too and hot in his 30's.I had 5 guys from my website contacts, and 2 from the club that attended.
   Club Pittsburgh is a beautiful facility with many amenities that distract my men from staying in my play area.Even though we have fun at the club,my home meeting are better some times because I have a captive group they can't stray away and wonder around or leave the party like at the club.It still was a great meeting,but could have been better if the guys would stay and not go upstairs.I  will not make a rule like stay in the play area for at hour at least then guys wouldn't come.All in all it was a good meeting but if the same guys were at the home meeting it would have been hotter.

Writing Contest,,, 50 Bucks! in newsletter

Two submissions so far! is looking for writers!
Content is king to webmasters and the team at DBJ need you! Don't think you have it in you? Well just take those hot fantasies and real hot experiences and put them on paper.
The contest begins with the first submission and will end in the winter of 2013.

Criteria include: Originality (we have a PC we can check!) . Niche' Relevance (the topic of masturbation), sexual steaminess, and length of your essay submission. Although the longer the better, we don't need a short story, just a few paragraphs will do.
The winners work will be copyrighted, posted and protected.

The prize is $50.00
Free entry to all DaburgJacks events for two months and a DaburghJacks T-shirt!
IMPORTANT this contest will not be mentioned on the site so stay subscribed to the Newsletter*All submissions will be narrowed down to three by the DBJ staff. Those final three will be posted publicly   on the site, for visitors voting the winner.

Send all submissions to   Subject Line: CONTEST
No anonymous submissions.
We will not post your name on the site or newsletter without your written permission.
(all submission become the property of


DaburghJacks on the safety of oral sex.

Get More:

New men's room wall story...

                                                           The shower

 An Afro-american adolescent boy wanders in the locker room of the downtown Y.M.C.A of Buffalo N.Y on Genesee st.It's 1978 and in those days the 'Y' was not co-ed , strictly males only and a guy could swim nude or in a jock strap . He shyly walks by the showers trying not to look like he's looking at all the fit men and boys and their swinging dicks. 
  His heart is racing fast and his homosexual curiosity is on full blast.

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The Daburghjacker; Feb,17th 2013

 Oh my God! Nine hot men came to the meeting plus me makes 10 hot men(that's twenty balls in the room) engaged in mutual masturbation.It was a hot celebration of gay masculinity. This has to be the best home meeting I have ever had.I had hot fresh wings and beer for my guys ,but only one had a wing and no one took a beer. They were to busy getting into each other.Every one but 2 men shoot their loads.Mostly into the cum bowl.
     My close local friend joined in after I been soliciting him for a year now.He was the star of the party,because of his huge thick cock and his versatility.
      They mostly played on my bed and it was a scene of men sucking eachother.A very hot young man came sorta late but was another star of the show.He got sucked till hard and bowwed his legs real wide,stood on his toes and shoot a huge load into the  jizz bowl.Three others then contributed into mixing our little boys together, one with the most beautiful low hanging big balls you ever seen!
   A young Mexican looking man shoot twice,and another hung nice man was able to cum twice as well.Our first lifetime member came into the bowl too,twice.
Hot gay porn was playing and the music in it kept the men hot.
   I  hugged and kissed my men as they left. They all were very satisfied with the good turn out and said they would come again.
   I soaked my gym jock in the cum bowl and let it dry. Again a successful meeting of Daburghjacks!

Hey men,the Daburghjacker 2/7/2013

      I  know the main focus of the meetings are masturbation but we do engage in sucking too.
    With that said,I got a great idea for a spring meeting. 
   The campaign line could read like this: " April showers bring may flowers.Speaking of flowers how about making a daisy chain to bring in the season."
    A daisy chain is a  created ring of men 69ing on the floor.A  unbroken circle of men sucking each other.
   When a guy cums he can be replaced by another guy or they close up the chain.
   Any hot men interested in participating in this just email me at : and put daisy chain in the subject.send a recent picture and or stats.Looking for at least 10 men.
  I'm thinking the April or May meeting get back to me...We live life fantasies at DaburghJacks.

Daburghjacks One year Anniversary party!

Success! Over twenty two men showed up! Many for the first time.It started off slow ,but the guys arrived and felt each other out.
   As more men arrive they were able to pick and choose. 
    I  had a buffet of mini sandwiches and a olive anti-pasta tray and Yengling beer and a man color blue cake  with Daburghjacks One Year Anniversary written one it.We sang "We are jolly good fellows " after the cake was cut.
    I manned the door so ,i don't know how the guys really got off but I asked them all and they said they had a good time and will return.
  I hand picked a few with big dicks,( one beefy hairy man with striking dark masculine looks and animal magnetism and a tree trunk man meat of a cock with a huge mushroom head)  and talented mouths and we went into my private room to get off.I got some home town jizz shot on my dick and jacked off with it.
  The stripper Brian Polemanski play with us instead ,because his music did not come over the sound system well enough.He did perform a little after he got off.and was special fun for one of the guys as we watched. All in all a great time and we are getting used to each other as we meet often.

Daburghjacker : Janurary 20th,2013

    Wow ,The home meeting went better then the last club one. Five guys showed up. One steady guy brought a real nice older cross-dresser ,with a talented mouth.Our first joining member showed up with his extra thick dick.A real hot guy from the south towns, about in his 30'eds ,fit and very good looking had constant fun with the hung man.A local from down the street from the apartment and who is usually in the chat room came too. We all shoot expect one i think.I was the only one to hit the cum bowl though.
   The calm attitude and relaxed non-pressured atmosphere was enjoyed by all!!We hugged each other and smiled when it was all over and as they were leaving. Visit us....

Daburghjacker ; January 7th ,2013

    Well the group meeting had its good and bad points.Bad being the worst attendance since we started.Only three guys showed up.Well 24ᴼ outside didn't help.The Club was quite empty too.Good points all three were extra hot! Ages 23 to 46 years old.Plus we have our first real member ,the 46 year old guy, whose cock was very thick and long,hairy chested and fit, with a boyish though rugged handsome face,would tell me later that he used the membership page,that night, to become our first silver member(one year ).The 23 yd was quiet,hung nice, and shot a rich clear cum load and enjoyed the safe play.The third guy about 30 yd had a wide leg spread and was a true jacker. 
       We met in the lounge play room and edge jacked while we watch some porn.We all ended up circling the 46yd hot guy( and now steady member) and gave him a facial/bukkake cum bath.
He never had that done to him, so he lived a fantasy.
    When I got back home there was a cash donation in my snail mailbox, to the website to get a real webcam room back up.Thanks to John50 who you can find in the chatroom often.So all in all a good time and the promise of a growing membership.

Got review this morning (1/8/13)from the 30 yd guy;

Daburghjacker; December 16th,2012

   First my heart felt condolences go out to the Sandy Hook victims and their families.Events like that affect me a lot and I wasn't in a party mood,felt like canceling this meeting.
    Four men showed up.One hit the jizz bowl,(34) he was a regular attendee.One guy got a facial from a new member who was a hot hairy Italian man (45).One guy,a regular, got sucked off(37) by the 34yd guy.
   My dude was here with his big black dick, very shy at first. Which turned me off!  But he warmed up a little and let them see it.I hosted more then participated still getting over a cold.Plus the home meetings are to unpredictable as far as who will show or not,but will keep them going.Please comment or give me suggestions ...DABURGHJACKS

Daburghjacker: December 3rd, 2012

Awesome time! Once again the turn out for the December 3rd meeting was nice and steady members are coming.We got thirteen guys.
A real model type guy,ginger colored  man came , young and hung like a horse with red pubes.We all enjoyed watching him beat his big meat. Our rugged masculine stocky,tatted, muscle pal came(20's) with his full black beard and loads of jizz..My uncut handsome, buddy who I face book with brought his thick man muscle meat.Five guys hit the cum bowl.We made a circle jerk at one time and it was picture ready,we then reach over to the guys next to each other and mutual masturbate him.I changed the light so we could see each other and in all ,it was some great male bonding.We ended up in a play area with a couch and easy chairs.It was small and heightened the masculine balls sweaty aroma of the experience.
    Spreading our legs wide and jackin off with each other was very hot, some sitting on the couch while others stood and jacked in front of them.I hope every one that came had as much fun as I did.
  SPECIAL NOTE: February 2013 will be our one year anniversary ,yeah I can't believe it either,,lol, so if you ever came to a Daburghjacks meeting please make that one. I'm going to try to pull out  all the stops . I'm asking you now for comments here in the blog for suggestions ,like a beer keg, sheet-cake, beefcake/stripper,, reply with any ideas for the anniversary. This is Pittsburgh so I may have that one prepaid so guys show up.Thing like that let me know.This is your group and your input would be greatly appreciated!  and remember please share the website and..  KEEP JACKIN!

Daburghjacker: November 18th ,2012

Wow what great time even though the number was only 4 guys! Hot muscled Brad showed up and he went blindfolded and blew me and  a nice older gentleman from Waynesburgh,he got started as soon as he came in .Beer and wings were available and Oinky from the chat room brought his cute face to the party .The attitude and play of the four of us was excellent . We all shot into the cum bowl, the aroma of man milk filled the room.

Daburghjacker: NOV,5TH/2012

Well the meeting had it good and bad points my lowest count only 9 guys, but we got repeaters from other meetings and fresh new faces as well.A hot muscular tattooed guys from Moon township was the highlight and he was very friendly and masculine with hot rugged looks and a full trimmed black beard. We all circled him and watched as he shoot his load. My straight bud came but was to shy to show his huge dick. I  think he was a bit over whelmed and promised to let loose ,the next first month meeting. Three guys hit the cum bowl.Plus we made some nice circle jerks and watched each other masturbate and even jacked off each other.

Daburghjacker: (Oct,22/2012)

50 dollar contest in the newsletter.Subscribe on the bottom of the homepage.It will stay with subscribers only.We got two submission . Give them some competition guys! subscribe today for details.

Daburghjaker: (October 5th 2012)

The meeting went well for the men that had the balls to show up. Two regulars and four new guys attended.We mutually masterbated and even made it to the bedroom area. We were men jacking off together.Two men hit the cum bowl and another shot on himself as we watched.
    Some male bonding went on afterwards and we talked and traded contact information.

Daburghjacker: (October 3rd 2012)

  !wow! omg!  This Pittsburgh men's group for mutual masturbation went very well again this month.Fifth teen men showed up. About ten from the website( and 5 or more from the club it self.The theme of Halloween and the mask was started but they came off after a while.We will now offer mask at all times for men who want anonymity.There was a man there from South Africa .He had a thick dick with a big mushroom head.Two men from my county of Beaver pa.came ,one gave me a ride home and we talked about the hot men that were there.The aroma of men,spunk and poppers filled the room! My strap got soaked too and two guys came in the cum bowl.
    All in all we had another very hot time.
   So if you are tired of reading about the fun join us for the next meeting.

September 17th 2012 Daburghjacker

!Great meeting!  The home, mid month meeting of Daburghjacks went well.Five guys showed up.One  a steady that been there before.A  man visiting from San Francisco and three other locals.Got there large loads in the cum bowl! Mutual masturbation and oral play went on.
The man from San Francisco stay after and we chatted, and eat the BBQ wings and chips and dips I had out for the party. 
    Look for the next meeting at the club October 1st .A Many Masked Men Mutual Masturbation Meeting. We will be supplying mask for men who want anonymity or to add mystery  to there experience.


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