Successful first meeting of the year.

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Fourteen horny men +three rooms with gay porn = a fucking great meeting!!!

We got twelve guys into our home tonight and Gregg and I  make 14.That 28 balls and lots of cum. They mostly assembled in my bedroom and it was lit only from the tv screen and two candles.The porn had soft music in it and the ceiling fan added a nice breeze for the hot fun.So they had a semi-darkroom and after a while the musky man aroma from the sex play was enough to give any man a boner. We sucked a lot of cock and were very happy with the variety of men.

I  got two new faces and two yearly renewals. Plus a couple of long time faces returned. Three men had extra large dicks and I got loads of cum from two of them onto my gym-jockstrap.

I  had several condom out for use and notice after the meeting that some where gone,so I assume safe fucking went on.

You missed a great time! But you can attend the next one, January 29th at 2pm. > JOIN

BBC=Big Black Cock!

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Pittsburgh message board

The December 18th meeting.

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Well, I only got two guys, but we had some great fun.We watched a very hot HD quality gay porn on my big screen through the web browser .

I ended up sucking both of them off and flavoring up my gym-jock with their jizz.

The first meeting of the new year will be January 21st at 6pm. Come back guys and make Daburghjacks start off with some big FUN!!


Still hand job month…

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We are going to keep the giving theme of a handjob for the Christmas season. The December 10th, 2016 meeting had this theme.Some of that went on plus lots of fucking and sucking and jacking off.

We got eight men with four guys joining as yearly members.Monetary wise it was the most successful meeting I ever had. It also lasted the whole 3 hours until 9pm.

Both bedrooms were used and were darkened with romantic candle light.The new guys said it was lots of fun and will be back for the next meeting,December 18th at 2pm.

First Snow day meeting,,,

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The November 20th meeting was the first day of snow for the Western Penn. area ,but it didn’t keep the guys away.We got seven horny handsome guys.A return face very good looking married man joined at the yearly level.

At one time I had five guys having a all out orgy in my bedroom and two men fucking on my living room floor! With me and another bud,jackin off and watching them fuck.

I’m considering a Hand-job theme for a December 2016 meeting. Grab a buddy and we circle up or sit and give each-other hand jobs.Please leave a comment ,where it saids “leave comment’ if you think that is a good idea or you got a different one.

The November 12th ,2016 meeting!

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Boy what a  hot time the seven guys had. Hung Neal ,pretty butt Norm and Mike and Jeff steady members came.We got three hot new faces.Fit and handsome men.

They all enjoy dark bedrooms one with candles and music and spent lots of time having hot man sex.

I got a big load on my jockstrap and the guys sat around nude afterwards and enjoyed each others company. Neal wore a hot new leather jockstrap that cradled his very thick meat. Some one left a big bottle of poppers which we allow.

The new guys said they had big fun and liked it a lot and will return. Don’t miss the next meeting November 20th at 2pm.

Great start of the season!

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We got seven men at the October 16th, 2016 meeting! A return member surprised me by joining at the yearly level,Nick very similar in stockiness and completion to this guy just slimmer in the waist and more muscular;13319763_1024889760927520_4381941703753646531_nsexy as fuck with a P.A. in his thick dick.Also Neal a versatile stud is back with his great girth of a cock;(his picture is hotlinked)Bill who looks for facials is back too.It looks like the cool weather is bringing back the successful meetings we used to have.JOIN US IN NOVEMBER!

“mutual jack off video”

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A bust , but!..

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Yeah October 8th ,2016 meeting only got two other guys then me.A bust ,but we got a hot new yearly member that was absolutely a man’s man. He was tall with a solid frame and big portions. A rugged shutting chin and strong German looks with a buzzed hair cut.Super masculine!

When he came out the bedroom and was fully nude I couldn’t believe the size and girth(6 inches around at the base) of his cock . 

His ball stretcher made his grade A size testicles  bounce on his body and I ignored the porn and watched him beat his very big dick with the Prince Albert piercings he wore. He ended up shooting on my dick and gym-jock and I returned the favor and came on his dick. If you are a member of the website you can chat a view Ken’s profile here; Paul join us too and gave him a facial. Yeah only the three of us but we had a great time.