Meeting/Hotel deal!

Going on a vacation soon? Book a room with us and get into one Daburghjacks orgy free! Go ahead and do it! I will know on this side.Grab a vacation stay thru us, and attend a meeting with the 50$ membership fee waived.Members can get in on this too and get one month added to their membership.
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How the last Sunday meeting went.

Nine chaps had some nice fun.Even my lover Gregg hung around for it.No new faces but two guys did renew their membership.Big Dan and Paul.Tom a gorgeous man fit and young returned from being here before.Norm, Micheal, and Derrick.Plus a tanned good looking young man who’s name I can’t recall.Me makes nine men, 18 balls.
This being the last Sunday meeting is not set in stone they may return in the winter of 2017, later this year. As for now the schedule is;
The Spring 2017 meeting dates
▪ April 8th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ April 22nd at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ May 13th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ May 27th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ June 10th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ June 24th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.

What a Happy 5 Year Anniversary party.

I got nice congratulations;

Saturday, March 11, 2017, roy wrote:
We just wanted to congratulate you and the group on 5 yrs! Thank you for everything you do! You are a wonderful organizer, a great promoter, and a passionate leader. I am in Michigan today so I won’t be able to attend but I can wait to jack off with you all again.

Roy is a very cute almost Asian Indian looking young man ,babyfaced and boyish really and very sexy!

It was a very sex filled horny group man action. I got 16 men! They did it all too from circle jerking, cum bowl shooting, kissing, sucking cock (lots of cock to suck) ball lickin, plus  lot of pretty ass to rim, and fuck.

There was a young humpy tall very masculine guy with the nicest biggest  dick and balls you could ever suck on,and he was not the only hung man at the meeting! Quite a few like Tony  from Youngtown and Mr. Steel had meat for you for days!! Plus two others were nicely hung as well.

We got a new member that came late from Johnstown pa. Ty about 23 very cute.Also a young man named Sasha about 25 ,was very friendly and personable and shot three times. He came with a seasoned very hung handsome man that has been to my meetings in the past.I got five new faces besides Ty. Plus a guy from Atlanta.By the way out of towners can pay a visitor-membership at ten dollars.

We had water, beer and pop and pizza,and song hip-hip-hooray to the five years.Plus with porn in all three spaces, the men could float from room to room to find fun.It was a popper friendly meeting and I allowed a smoker of cigarettes to puff in the kitchen.

The next meeting which is March 19th 2017 will be our last Sunday meeting.They will all be Saturday nights now until the summer is over.If they seem so successful we may not go back to Sunday meetings.

Look for the new Spring 2017 schedule in the newsletter and on the homepage of the website soon.

Up coming 5 year Anniversary party!!!!!!!!!!!

Please join the guys and our steady group action at the next meeting.Hot ,horny men are our members .You are going have lots of orgy fun that you will not forget!

The February 19th group.

Six men enjoyed the last meeting of February 2017.Gregg and I  welcomed four men into our home.One new face an older man named Tom.Norm, Jeff and Tony.

We enjoyed the very hot new porn and had a decent time. Due to the good weather ,we think we got the low numbers because people were out enjoying it.We talked it over with the guys present and will soon cancel all Sunday meetings and do Saturday night meetings twice a month. It seems to be the most successful day and time (6pm) to get a good crowd.So the next meeting -March 11th 2017 6pm, will be our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY(surprises involved please attend) and the March 19th 2pm meeting will be the last Sunday meeting.

Guys arriving before 6:15 pm to the 5-year Anniversary party 3/11/17 get in FREE.

(If your  members dues is due pay it at the next meeting you attend , if you arrive before 6:15.)


“A Roomful of SEXY MEN” (the February 11th meeting)


Eight men plus myself makes nine men  ,jacking and sucking cock and some safe fucking. We got three very handsome fit hung new faces.Five regular men like Norm (30’s)  with his big balls and his ginger colored pubic hair, and nice cock and beautiful ass, who chatted about how he wears a kilt commando-style. Paul (40’s) mustached fit and very “friendly”.Mike my gym daddy.Neal hung thick and very hairy.Jeff a local who loves man-milk.

One of the new members is in his 20’s who has been to my meetings some years ago in Ambridge Pa. The guys kept his big dick constantly happy!Tom a new member very handsome top man, told me ahead of time that he wanted his dick sucked. It was long and big and the men enjoyed it.Bernard, a new guy fit hung too had a nice jockstrap and ball-stretcher on.

The men laughed loud and chatted in between sessions and got to know each other very well.We had lots of VERY hot fun,guys were rimmed and sucked at the same time.Plus with 60-inch tv screen playing porn it felt like more men in the room.

They had porn also in the play room/bedroom but at the last hour I shut it off and blew out the candle to make a nice dark-room with a soft breeze from the ceiling fan to cool the men off as they played.I gave them cold bottled water too.

New porn

will be at the February 19th 2pm meeting . Hope you can make it.


WEBSHOT: THERE ARE NO PICTURES TAKEN AT THE MEETINGS BUT THE MEN ARE SIMULAR.                                                                                    

The February 29th meeting.


We got five guys with me makes six men having a good time.I had two members renew their yearly membership.One of those was a very handsome young, hung, bear-type guy that spit a very large load into the cum bowl for my jock. He is the only one that completed the cum bowl challenge.Which is; yearly members get an extra month and lifetime members can bring a buddy once free if they shoot into the bowl.

All the guys ejaculated and it ended quickly,just an hour and a half.

Look for announcements of the of the five-year anniversary party in a few months . Leave ideas for fun for that in a comment,please.

Successful first meeting of the year.

Pittsburgh message board

Fourteen horny men +three rooms with gay porn = a fucking great meeting!!!

We got twelve guys into our home tonight and Gregg and I  make 14.That 28 balls and lots of cum. They mostly assembled in my bedroom and it was lit only from the tv screen and two candles.The porn had soft music in it and the ceiling fan added a nice breeze for the hot fun.So they had a semi-darkroom and after a while the musky man aroma from the sex play was enough to give any man a boner. We sucked a lot of cock and were very happy with the variety of men.

I  got two new faces and two yearly renewals. Plus a couple of long time faces returned. Three men had extra large dicks and I got loads of cum from two of them onto my gym-jockstrap.

I  had several condom out for use and notice after the meeting that some where gone,so I assume safe fucking went on.

You missed a great time! But you can attend the next one, January 29th at 2pm. > JOIN