The May 13th meeting.

Four men had some jack off and sucking fun at the May 13th,2017 meeting.Circle jerkin and leg bowing penis masturbation, self and mutual! Some kissing and I had the newcomer Bruce do frottage on my belly.We grinded until he spent a huge load that ran hot down my hip. He won the new porn DVD for the biggest load.

A steady member named Greg shot into the bowl . Paul came by frottage with Bruce too.The next meeting will still celebrate masturbation month.May 27th labor day weekend . Include us in your plans.The deal for this meeting is , if you are a member you can bring a buddy one time for free.If joining at any level,50$ or 100$ lifetime you also can bring a buddy May 27th for free.

One thought on “The May 13th meeting.”

  1. For most of my life, I’ve known I was bisexual. But for a number of different reasons I waited a long, long time to actively explore my sexuality involving other men, though I’d had a number of different experiences over the years when sparks would start to fly and the other guy took the initiative. A couple of months ago, though, I decided it was time to actively explore this dormant side of myself, and have done so VERY actively indeed! At my first DaburghJacks meeting a little more than a week ago, I was able to let my body go full-throttle in a way I had rarely, if ever done before with other guys. It was safe, good plain fun, and immensely, immensely pleasurable, with everyone understanding my nervousness to start and patient while I gradually warmed to them and was able eventually to let myself go and experience very deep passion and pleasure. Also, I had never before had a sexual experience of any kind with more than one person, and the intensity of pleasure of different parts of me being attended to by different guys at the same time sent me over the top in ways that were truly thrilling and that I can’t wait to have repeated. Many thanks to Darren for setting this up and nurturing it over the years! I literally feel like a new and more whole man after this experience, fully in touch at last with this side of myself, where before those occasional chance encounters, and even the more deliberate ones I’ve been having more recently, had always left me wanting, because there was always, always somehow some personal tragic drama entailed. What I now know I can look forward to in the future, on the other hand, is the divine and heavenly comedy of guys’ bodies naturally, passionately, and regularly connecting with one another. Wowee!


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