“Great jack off group”

If you are a member and didn’t come to the November 18th meeting you missed an awesome time.We got 13 men!One new face. A hairy chested young man with a big dick.He shot 3 times.Bill and John and a few others shot multiple loads too!That cute married guy that wears the baseball cap, you know one with the beautiful ass.Well, he spit roasted a steady attendee.Plus got his great ass rimmed repeatedly!

Two ginger colored guys kissed all through the meeting and enjoyed each other immensely.After a while, the aroma of jizz filled the spaces.Every one shot. Some more then once so it was a fountain of cum party.I got 3 on my jockstrap.It is soaked with man-milk and smells great! Also got  2 hot loads on my dick.We heard someone getting fucked in the kitchen too.A lot of other things happened in my bedroom. Many men on the bed a few standing just having unbridled unrestrained sex! With some very discreet men.

We sat around and jacked off as we watched the porn or/and each other.There is little to no chatting during the orgy, only sex sounds.We save the convo for after or in between sessions.Gregg my lover was here and came out of the bedroom and played later.

The guys are very comfortable with each other.That is what happens when they attend steady as members.

If you want to contact one and come free post a GOOD ad  here. See you December 2nd.

“Hot Group sex in Butler Pa.”

This November 4th party was simply amazing.We got 10 men. All horny, relaxed, fit and hard even me! Beside that a hot young outdoorsy type with dark clean-cut hair, hung handsome and sexy body named Brett paid us a visit, the guys also enjoy gang-banging a young sexy stocky Italian man.He got 4 hard dicks up his ass. This was just one of his fantasies that got fulfilled at Daburghjacks.

We had a mid-age stud monkey fuck, (straddle a cocksucker’s face, legs wide, big balls hanging)Image result for men monkey fucking and fuck a dude’s throat so deep it made the fucker make load manly aggressive sounds.He had very thick girth to his cock. He also shot two loads I was later told.

I was happy when I got two big loads to soak my gym-jockstrap and one hot load on my dick to jack with.

The guys at this meeting had sex appeal. With soft music from the porn on the big screen and loud group man action sound from the porn in the bedrooms and from the real sex too.

The lighting was off in all the rooms and the light came only from the televisions.The setting as always is just right for an orgy. Big beds with clean comforters, comfortable couches and lounge chairs with towels on them, lube to jack-off with and cold water to drink. And don’t forget the friendly non-pressure, personable host. The guys really “know” each other now which makes it even more relaxed, plus the safe play.

Man up and cut the “I’m nervous” correspondence crap I get with emails and text. YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME! When they start asking 1000 silly questions I’ve learned they are only fishing for the one that gives them a reason not to come.GROW SOME BALLS! And get here November 18th,2017 at 6pm. JOIN HERE. At 50$ a year or 100$ lifetime.

” Good time in Butler Pa.”

OMG! We got twelve men at the October 21st jack off meeting. What a good turn out, they just kept knocking on the door. No new faces so the guys were quite at ease with each other and chatted and joked.After a few shot their loads.

We had a true jacker from Y-town with a big hard dick.He enjoyed a beer as he jacked off watching the action.Dave did show up and I pleased him at the end of the meeting.Mike my gym buddy was here.Also, my lover, Gregg stayed home.

Great sex went on even in the hallway and they all left by 8:30 pm.


“Orgy in Butler Pa.”

We got seven guys at this orgy.Two new guys, one a sexy young Mexican at the lifetime level and an out-of-town that went down on my dick as soon as he got naked.He had poppers to go with us sucking each other’s cocks.The young new man was shy at first and explained he liked a more intimate encounter so when a few men left he warmed up and had fun with three other men. Paul brought a new blanket for the play bed.We got a new big screen a 65″ inch for the main room.Norm hasn’t brung his kilt yet for us to bob our heads under.We told him he could come into the home with pants and put it on here. I changed from the second Saturday of the month to the first Saturday, so that it fits uncut Dave’s schedule.I was told by a member that he will make the adjustment soon. The new man Carlos, said he found out about the group at a bar, from a friend, someone that came to a meeting.I was pleased.Word of mouth is the best advertiser.So I’m asking you not to keep it a secret and talk about it as well.Thanks.October 21st is the next meeting pay your yearly(50) or lifetime(100) dues HERE


The Fall 2017 Newsletter

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” Pittsburgh Men’s group”

Thirteen must be our lucky number because that is how many guys we got again at this meeting like the last meeting. We got one new member a hairy Italian, who edged alot until he shot a huge load for my pouch.Both married couples showed up.And the chit-chat after the play made me feel closer to “my guys”.

I have a party idea that I need feedback on in the comments. Once at one of the my meetings I used to have years ago at another venue, a stocky muscular ruggedly handsome member shot on my dick and I used his cum to squirt.I was very hot and we did it again at another meeting .It was such a turn on to face a guy and exchange our man-milk on each-others tool. Plus I advertise a cum-like lube product. Just giving you guys future ideas to get you off at any future meeting. If you have any hot jack off experiences or ideas(handjobs, edging contest, distance shooting)let us know and tell me what you think about this one.

Going to write the schedule for the fall 2017 meetings in the fall 2017 newsletter soon. Look in our spam folder if you dont see in our inbox. To get the newsletter where I go more in-depth to what happens at meetings with pictures, email me your email address to ; darrren8@aol.com , no typo. To keep it simple JOIN HERE at 50$ per year.

“Butler pa. sex group”

What an amazing turn out! They just kept knocking on the door.We got two new members ,one joined as a lifer and he is very sexy with his shaved head and sexy posing. The other young too with long hair and a manly beard.The steady guys enjoyed the new members,but no one brought a friend for free yet,which all members can once.
Never the less there is a lot of chatting now like whether Donald Trump has a big dick, as we watch a new leather porn.My 60 inch big screen went on the blink and Gregg and I had to bring out our bedroom tv for the guys.
I knew it was going to be a successful meeting because of the bad weather, but I didn’t know it was going to be this hot.If you missed it come to the next one September 16th at 6pm JOIN HERE..50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime.
Look for the fall 2017 dates in the newsletter which I publish seasonally. We will be switching back to a Sunday 2pm meeting soon.

Membership Drive.

As an incentive to get fresh faces at the meetings.We at Daburghjacks will have an ongoing membership drive.Yearly members, please bring a new guy to a meeting. He can attend once free or join us. You will get an extra month added to your membership.Lifetime members can bring a buddy and he can attend twice free or join us. If you want to contact a member so you can attend free post an ad here> Stallwall

We got seven horny guys at the August 19th, 2017 meeting and all shot their loads.A steady attendee who likes cum-facials or bukkake got two loads blasted on his face and I got three new cum stains on my gym-jock.I’m wearing it now and the bleachy musky man aroma is great.

We got one new member from Y-town and his cock was so thick when hard that a big man’s hand like mine could barely grip it fully! Plus he loved having it sucked while he

manly had his hands on his hips akimbo style, and stood above a cocksucker at the meeting and grabbed his head, bowed his legs and made him gag on it, a real face fucker! It was hot to watch.Image result for thick cock We got two more summer meetings;

September 2nd at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
September 16th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.

I will set the Fall 2017 schedule as always in the quarterly newsletter and email it to all the guys on the list(1070 men).As the season changes and people are coming back from vacations and back to the work grind my meetings get more crowded so if you want in on this future fun JOIN HERE. Either 50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime.Thanks for your interest and,,


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Friendly meeting

I never saw such shoulder-clapping, hugging and kissing true male bonding in any meeting I ever had.I think two guys found love even, they spent the whole session together.I got ten guys again all but one shot his load.We got a couple that joined as life members and both had big fucking dicks. The rest of the men were regular attendees.Starting this membership thing was my best idea because I’m sure to get my core group and with new men a good crowd.

We were able to use all three play areas with hot porn in each room. I even got two loads of jizz on my jock one from a nice handjob I gave Bruce. It turned out to be a very relaxed meeting.No expectations or pressure. Easy going and light conversations. Men are just cool to be around and hangout with especially in a sexual setting. Simply put my Daburghjacks men are really a cool set of men. If you been thinking about joining now is the time because they get more fun as the season goes toward cooler weather. GET YOUR 50$ MEMBERSHIP HERE.