New men’s room wall story…

                                                           The shower
 An Afro-american adolescent boy wanders in the locker room of the downtown Y.M.C.A of Buffalo N.Y on Genesee st.It’s 1978 and in those days the ‘Y’ was not co-ed , strictly males only and a guy could swim nude or in a jock strap . He shyly walks by the showers trying not to look like he’s looking at all the fit men and boys and their swinging dicks.
  His heart is racing fast and his homosexual curiosity is on full blast.

The Daburghjacker; Feb,17th 2013

 Oh my God! Nine hot men came to the meeting plus me makes 10 hot men(that’s twenty balls in the room) engaged in mutual masturbation.It was a hot celebration of gay masculinity. This has to be the best home meeting I have ever had.I had hot fresh wings and beer for my guys ,but only one had a wing and no one took a beer. They were to busy getting into each other.Every one but 2 men shoot their loads.Mostly into the cum bowl.
     My close local friend joined in after I been soliciting him for a year now.He was the star of the party,because of his huge thick cock and his versatility.
      They mostly played on my bed and it was a scene of men sucking eachother.A very hot young man came sorta late but was another star of the show.He got sucked till hard and bowwed his legs real wide,stood on his toes and shoot a huge load into the  jizz bowl.Three others then contributed into mixing our little boys together, one with the most beautiful low hanging big balls you ever seen!
   A young Mexican looking man shoot twice,and another hung nice man was able to cum twice as well.Our first lifetime member came into the bowl too,twice.
Hot gay porn was playing and the music in it kept the men hot.
   I  hugged and kissed my men as they left. They all were very satisfied with the good turn out and said they would come again.
   I soaked my gym jock in the cum bowl and let it dry. Again a successful meeting of Daburghjacks!

Hey men,the Daburghjacker 2/7/2013

      I  know the main focus of the meetings are masturbation but we do engage in sucking too.
    With that said,I got a great idea for a spring meeting. 
   The campaign line could read like this: ” April showers bring may flowers.Speaking of flowers how about making a daisy chain to bring in the season.”
    A daisy chain is a  created ring of men 69ing on the floor.A  unbroken circle of men sucking each other.
   When a guy cums he can be replaced by another guy or they close up the chain.
   Any hot men interested in participating in this just email me at : and put daisy chain in the subject.send a recent picture and or stats.Looking for at least 10 men.
  I’m thinking the April or May meeting get back to me…We live life fantasies at DaburghJacks.

Daburghjacks One year Anniversary party!

Success! Over twenty two men showed up! Many for the first time.It started off slow ,but the guys arrived and felt each other out.
   As more men arrive they were able to pick and choose. 
    I  had a buffet of mini sandwiches and a olive anti-pasta tray and Yengling beer and a man color blue cake  with Daburghjacks One Year Anniversary written one it.We sang “We are jolly good fellows ” after the cake was cut.
    I manned the door so ,i don’t know how the guys really got off but I asked them all and they said they had a good time and will return.
  I hand picked a few with big dicks,( one beefy hairy man with striking dark masculine looks and animal magnetism and a tree trunk man meat of a cock with a huge mushroom head)  and talented mouths and we went into my private room to get off.I got some home town jizz shot on my dick and jacked off with it.
  The stripper Brian Polemanski play with us instead ,because his music did not come over the sound system well enough.He did perform a little after he got off.and was special fun for one of the guys as we watched. All in all a great time and we are getting used to each other as we meet often.

Daburghjacker : Janurary 20th,2013

    Wow ,The home meeting went better then the last club one. Five guys showed up. One steady guy brought a real nice older cross-dresser ,with a talented mouth.Our first joining member showed up with his extra thick dick.A real hot guy from the south towns, about in his 30’eds ,fit and very good looking had constant fun with the hung man.A local from down the street from the apartment and who is usually in the chat room came too. We all shoot expect one i think.I was the only one to hit the cum bowl though.
   The calm attitude and relaxed non-pressured atmosphere was enjoyed by all!!We hugged each other and smiled when it was all over and as they were leaving. Visit us….

Daburghjacker ; January 7th ,2013

    Well the group meeting had its good and bad points.Bad being the worst attendance since we started.Only three guys showed up.Well 24ᴼ outside didn’t help.The Club was quite empty too.Good points all three were extra hot! Ages 23 to 46 years old.Plus we have our first real member ,the 46 year old guy, whose cock was very thick and long,hairy chested and fit, with a boyish though rugged handsome face,would tell me later that he used the membership page,that night, to become our first silver member(one year ).The 23 yd was quiet,hung nice, and shot a rich clear cum load and enjoyed the safe play.The third guy about 30 yd had a wide leg spread and was a true jacker.
       We met in the lounge play room and edge jacked while we watch some porn.We all ended up circling the 46yd hot guy( and now steady member) and gave him a facial/bukkake cum bath.
He never had that done to him, so he lived a fantasy.
    When I got back home there was a cash donation in my snail mailbox, to the website to get a real webcam room back up.Thanks to John50 who you can find in the chat room often.So all in all a good time and the promise of a growing membership.

Got review this morning (1/8/13)from the 30 yd guy;

Daburghjacker; December 16th,2012

   First my heart felt condolences go out to the Sandy Hook victims and their families.Events like that affect me a lot and I wasn’t in a party mood,felt like canceling this meeting.
    Four men showed up.One hit the jizz bowl,(34) he was a regular attendee.One guy got a facial from a new member who was a hot hairy Italian man (45).One guy,a regular, got sucked off(37) by the 34yd guy.
   My dude was here with his big black dick, very shy at first. Which turned me off!  But he warmed up a little and let them see it.I hosted more then participated still getting over a cold.Plus the home meetings are to unpredictable as far as who will show or not,but will keep them going.Please comment or give me suggestions …DABURGHJACKS

Daburghjacker: December 3rd, 2012

Awesome time! Once again the turn out for the December 3rd meeting was nice and steady members are coming.We got thirteen guys.
A real model type guy,ginger colored  man came , young and hung like a horse with red pubes.We all enjoyed watching him beat his big meat. Our rugged masculine stocky,tatted, muscle pal came(20’s) with his full black beard and loads of jizz..My uncut handsome, buddy who I face book with brought his thick man muscle meat.Five guys hit the cum bowl.We made a circle jerk at one time and it was picture ready,we then reach over to the guys next to each other and mutual masturbate him.I changed the light so we could see each other and in all ,it was some great male bonding.We ended up in a play area with a couch and easy chairs.It was small and heightened the masculine balls sweaty aroma of the experience.
    Spreading our legs wide and jackin off with each other was very hot, some sitting on the couch while others stood and jacked in front of them.I hope every one that came had as much fun as I did.
  SPECIAL NOTE: February 2013 will be our one year anniversary ,yeah I can’t believe it either,,lol, so if you ever came to a Daburghjacks meeting please make that one. I’m going to try to pull out  all the stops . I’m asking you now for comments here in the blog for suggestions ,like a beer keg, sheet-cake, beefcake/stripper,, reply with any ideas for the anniversary. This is Pittsburgh so I may have that one prepaid so guys show up.Thing like that let me know.This is your group and your input would be greatly appreciated!  and remember please share the website and..  KEEP JACKIN!