Daburghjacker: (Oct,22/2012)

50 dollar contest in the newsletter.Subscribe on the bottom of the homepage.It will stay with subscribers only.We got two submission . Give them some competition guys! subscribe today for details.

Daburghjaker: (October 5th 2012)

The meeting went well for the men that had the balls to show up. Two regulars and four new guys attended.We mutually masterbated and even made it to the bedroom area. We were men jacking off together.Two men hit the cum bowl and another shot on himself as we watched.
    Some male bonding went on afterwards and we talked and traded contact information.

Daburghjacker: (October 3rd 2012)

  !wow! omg!  This Pittsburgh men’s group for mutual masturbation went very well again this month.Fifth teen men showed up. About ten from the website( and 5 or more from the club it self.The theme of Halloween and the mask was started but they came off after a while.We will now offer mask at all times for men who want anonymity.There was a man there from South Africa .He had a thick dick with a big mushroom head.Two men from my county of Beaver pa.came ,one gave me a ride home and we talked about the hot men that were there.The aroma of men,spunk and poppers filled the room! My strap got soaked too and two guys came in the cum bowl.
    All in all we had another very hot time.
   So if you are tired of reading about the fun join us for the next meeting.

September 17th 2012 Daburghjacker

!Great meeting!  The home, mid month meeting of Daburghjacks went well.Five guys showed up.One  a steady that been there before.A  man visiting from San Francisco and three other locals.Got there large loads in the cum bowl! Mutual masturbation and oral play went on.
The man from San Francisco stay after and we chatted, and eat the BBQ wings and chips and dips I had out for the party. 
    Look for the next meeting at the club October 1st .A Many Masked Men Mutual Masturbation Meeting. We will be supplying mask for men who want anonymity or to add mystery  to there experience.

September 10th 2012 Daburghjacker

!SUCCESS!   Even though my old host server told us to leave because of our adult content and my campaign for the real time meeting we had tonight (Sept 10)went without a r.s.v.p. list,we still got nine hot men.Boy we had a great time too!
   Talk about fresh faces! A man came down from Western New York just to join us and he was built like a linebacker,big muscular arms and legs,large pecs with big hot-wired nips, ruggedly handsome with a butch haircut and goatee and a thick veiny cock. He had that animal magnetism that drew you in.He was just fuckin hot!
   He ended up shooting a big clear hot steamy load of spunk on my dick and balls while I sat in a chair.I  used it to jackoff the second time with it.He again after, a few minutes shoot another big load into the cum bowl,that had a very big load in it from a club member. My gym jockstrap was in the bowl,  and that was just the end of the party.
   It started before the out of towner got there, with us locals bukakeing  a hairy hot guy twice.He never had that done to him so he lived a fantasy tonite.There was a cute husky young local there with such a big penis and he was so nice and approachable with sexy tats good looks.The hairy guy that we bukaked was handsome and in his 40’s.There was me and a thin man and a married guy with a warm smile and great attitude, that comes every month.  Three new guys joined in. One from the website and two from the club. All in all it was a very nice experience I’d never forget. Who ever said mutual masturbation ain’t fun, never been to a Jack group like Daburghjacks! 


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