10 Menz=20 balls

We got ten guys at the July 22nd meeting! Which gave the guys a mix of cock to jack off with. The male married couple joined us and a few of my regular attendees.We got two young men. One a cute Black man from town and a dreamy eyed dirty blonde from Butler county.My guy that likes to be bukaked  showed up and got one load on his face.

I showed the new porn in the main living room which featured a local man in it.In the bedroom I had playing a more hardcore leather porn. I hope you all had a decent time and try to bring a friend at any future meetings and share this action where possible.

By the way some one left a white Italian cap.This is the third hat.I think I will start a collection. Also we will be making a one time change of the 2nd Saturday night of the month meeting in August 2017 to  August 5th due to vacation plans.Tell hung uncut Dave guys.  BUY A 50$ YEARLY MEMBERSHIP NOW!

What a Happy Birthday meeting!

We got 10 men at this party.It was quite a success and I got old faces and new ones too.Paul brought me some cupcakes and I put a candle in one and they sang happy birthday to me.I told them I’m glad they suck cock better then they sing.

One new face was a thin guy with a very big dick.The other was a mid-aged man from Youngstown who was hung big too.An old face was Russ a very handsome hairy cutie and John a man in his 30’s. Mike my gym buddy came too.

The other were steady regular attendees that made the other men feel good. It lasted the whole 3hours and I asked them all if they had a good time and they said”boy did I” I got one cum gift on the jock.

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The June 24th meeting.

We got six guys at the meeting.All hot and ready . Some kissing ,sucking, fucking and they all shot.One shot twice. I sat this one out and just hosted and gave out water.Gregg was good to me before the meeting.One member,Ken renewed his yearly membership.The rest were current members.

After a few left I helped my steady attendee,hot handsome Norm get Grindr and Scruff ,gay dating apps on his smartphone.Scruff was more successful for him.You will find me there too username Daburghjacks.Find me and I will point you to my guys on there.

The next meeting is July 8th and my birthday is July 13th.I will be asking for cum gifts on my jock strap from my guys.!

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Gay pride meeting..

After Gregg and I watched “Milk” the gay rights movie to increase our gay pride,we welcomed six hot horny men into our home. A good turn out considering the good weather and the pride celebrations in downtown Pittsburgh.

One steady attendee liked to be bukkaked and the guys shot 3 big loads onto his face.We had a old very nice gentleman join as a yearly member.A steady attendee ,very handsome with a great ass come,Paul and Jeff and another Gregg young and tanned. Lot of jackin at this meeting and couch fun before they adjourned to the bedroom.Where safe fucking and sucking went on. Join the next meeting June 24th,2017 and be proud to be Gay and come out of the closet.


“Lots of cum”

Eight men enjoyed some hot man action fun at the May 27th party/meeting. Gregg and I  got 6 hard horny men into our home.I titled this post lots of cum, because most of them shot several loads of jizz.

I think that means they were relaxed and had a good time.That includes a new face, John from the city . A bear built young man with a hard happy cock. We kept him moaning with ecstasy most of his time here as a newcomer.

We had a return visit from the married couple, Carl and Mike both have big dicks and are about 40 years old each.Norm our “ginger down there” buddy with the sexiest ass you ever saw, paid us a visit. Plus friendly Paul.

We hugged and kissed when we said goodbye and it lasted until 8:45 pm.Please JOIN US< for the next June 10th meeting.

The May 13th meeting.

Four men had some jack off and sucking fun at the May 13th,2017 meeting.Circle jerkin and leg bowing penis masturbation, self and mutual! Some kissing and I had the newcomer Bruce do frottage on my belly.We grinded until he spent a huge load that ran hot down my hip. He won the new porn DVD for the biggest load.

A steady member named Greg shot into the bowl . Paul came by frottage with Bruce too.The next meeting will still celebrate masturbation month.May 27th labor day weekend . Include us in your plans.The deal for this meeting is , if you are a member you can bring a buddy one time for free.If joining at any level,50$ or 100$ lifetime you also can bring a buddy May 27th for free.

New Members, a couple!

The April 22nd, 2017 meeting got nine guys having fun.Seven horny fit sexy guys came into our home.Two were a handsome male married couple from Pittsburgh Carl and Mike.They were very comfortable playing with other guys together.They have been on my mailing list and following my blog post for years and never got free time to attend.We were very glad they did.
The other guys were regular attendees.Hung big uncut Dave, a lifer. Paul, Jeff, Greg and Neil my I.T. pal who is helping with my broken cart on the website.
There was some hot male-bonding at first on the couch.I enjoyed some good head while I looked at my guys enjoying themselves.They eventually ended up in my bedroom and had a full out orgy.With the wall-mounted tv playing great porn.
There was a brief water a convo break back in the living room with the 60-inch tv playing new porn.They then went back into the bedroom and dropped hot cum loads.Everyone shot, me too and my lover also.They heard his ecstasy scream when I blew him.

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WOW ! ” dirty jock straps”

Eight guys had some awesome fun.Six men came into our home tonight 4/8/2017 and boy did we have fun.I even got a load on my jockstrap! We got one new face who was shy at first but turned out to be the life of the party.

We had a very intense and at had some points intimate times.Though the weather was warm I still got a nice enough group to have a great time. It lasted the whole three hours.

We get men that have never been with guys before and many have told me that the guys were slow and easy and the setting so comfortable that they had a very good once in a lifetime experience at Daburghjacks.

The reason a titled this post WOW or sometimes speak of a successful meeting can be gauged in a number of ways.The number of men attending like the good amount at the recent Anniversary party or the hotness and fitness of the guys  or/and the activity of what they engaged in and how long it lasted.Did everyone get off? Maybe even shot two or three times.Did someone get a fantasy for filled? Found a jack off buddy  or even a lover they can meet outside of the meetings? Some of these have happened .  Join the fun and experience the benefits only a discrete easy going group like Daburghjacks can provide.


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