First “Pittsburgh Pa. jack off meeting” of 2018

We got 9 men.Two new guys attended. One brought by our lifer bud uncut Dave.He brought Brent.And a very handsome young man from Ohio Pyle, Dan.The guys gave him quite a warm welcome! Though it was very cold there was little wind and it wasn’t snowing so the attendance was good for the weather.Like I say often cold months are busy because of the inside play.
I made it very dark for the action.All the lights were off and light came only from the TVs.Some of the porn in the living room had no music so I played a mix of smooth jazz, electronic rhythms, and George Michael.To go along with the sounds of the guys jacking, rimming, and sucking on each other.
My lover Gregg came out after an hour into it and played with us.We had made love before “the guys” came over.We do that often so we made our guess feel comfortable (wink).

We all chatted a bit about the upcoming Six-year Anniversary party, March 10th and how to make it spicy and rememberable.We’d like guys that have been here before but haven’t attended in a while to show up.It would be nice to see Y’all again.
I’d like to ask you, attendees, to bring a fresh porn DVD next time you attend, please.We will give it back when you leave.Thanks.Again all members can bring a bud once free.


What a Happy 5 Year Anniversary party.

I got nice congratulations;

Saturday, March 11, 2017, roy wrote:
We just wanted to congratulate you and the group on 5 yrs! Thank you for everything you do! You are a wonderful organizer, a great promoter, and a passionate leader. I am in Michigan today so I won’t be able to attend but I can wait to jack off with you all again.

Roy is a very cute almost Asian Indian looking young man ,babyfaced and boyish really and very sexy!

It was a very sex filled horny group man action. I got 16 men! They did it all too from circle jerking, cum bowl shooting, kissing, sucking cock (lots of cock to suck) ball lickin, plus  lot of pretty ass to rim, and fuck.

There was a young humpy tall very masculine guy with the nicest biggest  dick and balls you could ever suck on,and he was not the only hung man at the meeting! Quite a few like Tony  from Youngtown and Mr. Steel had meat for you for days!! Plus two others were nicely hung as well.

We got a new member that came late from Johnstown pa. Ty about 23 very cute.Also a young man named Sasha about 25 ,was very friendly and personable and shot three times. He came with a seasoned very hung handsome man that has been to my meetings in the past.I got five new faces besides Ty. Plus a guy from Atlanta.By the way out of towners can pay a visitor-membership at ten dollars.

We had water, beer and pop and pizza,and song hip-hip-hooray to the five years.Plus with porn in all three spaces, the men could float from room to room to find fun.It was a popper friendly meeting and I allowed a smoker of cigarettes to puff in the kitchen.

The next meeting which is March 19th 2017 will be our last Sunday meeting.They will all be Saturday nights now until the summer is over.If they seem so successful we may not go back to Sunday meetings.

Look for the new Spring 2017 schedule in the newsletter and on the homepage of the website soon.

How was the Four Year Anniversary party?

Pittsburgh message board 

It went off beautifully with a nice intimate group of 10 horny men with me that made 11 guys.Twenty-two bouncing balls! We had two attendees from way back that decided to come and revisit and celebrate the anniversary .One a humpy young beard muscular  straight man who joined at the yearly level, with big nuts and my uncut big dicked buddy from Beaver county. I got one new face who joined as a yearly member and you could tell he was comfortable around being sexual with men,he was very at ease from the start.

Two guys got their  fantasies for-filled .One a virgin got his cherry popped he also later got a facial  and another for his first time got spit-roasted. Only two didn’t shoot their load and two hit the cum bowl.I had hot porn on the big screen from the internet and the men floated from the living room to the two bedrooms engaging in hot man action and jackin.

I had a hot dog bar and a celebratory cake and they eat it up after the sex and stood and chatted  nude in the kitchen.I offered water pop and beer all through the party.It was a great site to see men having sex ,kissing at times and touching and having fun with eachother.We sang ” we are jolly good fellas” and enjoyed our masculinity. You missed a good party if you didn’t come and going into the fifth year now they can only get better. Don’t keep us a secret and come to the April 24th at 2pm meeting.

Daburghjacks 2nd year Anniversary party

WOW… What a hot time we had at the 2nd year Anniversary party.I had a meaty man pizza,mild wings and beer for the eleven men that showed up.
 They all but one came on time within the first hour,which is appreciated.
  Most of the men were between 30 years old and 56.Two were in their 20’s.
  At first we played in the living room,but when they got more relaxed they partnered up and use the two bedrooms as well.
   Quite a few were guys that have been to my meetings before,infact we had three guys that were new comers.My lover enjoyed the variety of penis and wore a sexy posing strap,dog collar and ball strecher.I liked that he was here and not make me feel unpartnered.
    He  showed his tramp stamp to all. 2013_09_0718_59_36_11.jpg
   Jackin went on of course but a lot of cock sucking was happening too, and the guys in the close door bedroom did what ever they wanted to do.
  A yearly member showed up with his big hairy dick.A young ginger man who came before,showed up late but we had fun with him in the bedroom.My buddy big dick uncut Dave surprised me and brought a hot young man with him.Ron a older man shot three loads!All in all they said they had a good time and would return.
  We are now going into our third year of jack off meetings for the Western Pennsylvania area,so don’t just read about the fun .Come to the next meeting.