Good August 24th home meeting.

We had a good meeting today.Seven horny men showed up. Three new faces and all but two shot their load. One new guy shot twice.

I was joined by a special friend of mine that did not hesitate to please all the men.The man that shot twice hit the cum bowl,and a steady member from up north shot on my dick.

A lot of hot jacking went on using SPUNKLUBE and some cock-sucking.The new guys seem happy but one was kinda strange and later dissed the group action in the chat room.

So with 7 guys plus me and my buddy makes 9 men.That’s 18 balls of fun.To be honest, we had more exciting home meetings plus no one used the other bedrooms, but they all got off and I  got several loads on my jock-strap.

Well, the next meeting is for Allegheny county  September 8th(we moved it from the first Monday because of Labor day) at 6 pm  at Club Pittsburgh 1139 Penn ave, 15222. Come meet some new clean men. 

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