WOW!! A Young men,big dick party!

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Out of eleven men two were in their forties the rest were all in there twenty’s  and early thirties and were fit and fine! It was a very successful meeting and the cum was pouring. We had to use the back room,room 201 on the basement/dance floor area of Club Pittsburgh because it was the only tv that was working down there that showed the hot porn.

I was upstairs greeting my men and handing out to tickets for Gregg my partner to accept at the velvet rope of our play area.The room they had to assemble in turn out to be quite cozy with soft futon couches and a few chairs.A young Latin man had a thick long dick and two young white guys met the challenge with big cocks of their own.I peeked in several times and got off on the aroma of nude men jackin off and I wanked a bit. All the guys were handsome and sexy as hell!

Every now and then I have a meeting that is just perfect.This ranked as one of them .My only disappointment was that no one hit the cum-bowl  so I came home with a dry jockstrap, but that is my fetish and my men had a great time. I ask a few as they left if they shot their cum load and all did except three. Damien the staff greeter of Club Pittsburgh said it must be the good weather and that means the meetings will be getting better.If you have been coming, keep coming and if you been thinking about it ,now is the time to attend.

Join the fun at the home meeting April 19th ,2015 in Butler pa.

“Glory holes!”

Pittsburgh message board

Man o man! What a handsome group of men,that came out in the cold and participated in the March 2nd,2015 meeting!

I,Darren stayed upstairs and greeted my guys .Six sexy men in all joined the fun.My dude/lover  Gregg was down stairs on the basement floor of Club Pittsburgh, receiving the tickets from the guys. I asked him to report on the action as best he could for this posting.Mostly jacking off he said was going on and a real circle jerk happened!

As usual they strayed from the group after a hour and enjoyed the fine amenities of the club.We did too before the meeting.The hot tub was very hot and relaxing .Plus the gloryhole stage was very fun for both my man Gregg and I!

The follow pictures are of the gloryhole stage at Club Pittsburgh.






Pittsburgh message board

For the first time in a long time the Club Pittsburgh meeting was more popular and exciting then the home meeting. Three men showed up with me and when my lover came in later that’s five guys.
One member even said that the summer meetings where he attended there were naked men all over the apartment.
I blog honestly and all the meetings can’t be great,you wouldn’t believe that any way.
I’m not going to try to figure out why the number was so low,when my Google  analytics showed a peek in visits (over 200) as usual before and on meeting day .So you guys know the dates of the meetings  ,I can see that.
I will not get discourage and stop having the meetings either.So join us for the next Club Pittsburgh meeting December 1st 2014.

“mutual male masturbation” Nov,2014 Club Meeting!!

Pittsburgh message board

Wow what a hot time the guys had.Nine men participated in this hot male mutual masturbation meeting.Two bought a paper ticket which I offer on the homepage.Brian a steady member that used to come to my Ambridge pa. meetings and a few from my email campaign .The rest were Club Pitt visitors that were curious.

One very cute and hung young man ,came down without a towel and written in big letters the words “shoot cum here” on his chest got his fantasy forfilled when four hot loads was shot onto his smooth chest! One the guys that did that had earlier play with me at the door.He was a very hairy bear in his 30’s with huge balls and we jacked together at the door while chatting with a guy and he shot a nice load into my black tru-fit jock-strap pouch!
All in all I was very happy with my November 2014 Club Pittsburgh turn out and look forward to the home meeting of this month.

ps;This turned out to be a pure jack off meeting .I didnt see any guys sucking cock but they all had a great time!

Another Great Meeting!

Wow twelve horny men came to the Club Pittsburgh August 4th meeting.The success was partly due to the that my lover Gregg help me by taking the tickets I gave out after guys paid their 5 bucks to me and went down stairs. Two steady Club members (nice fit men) joined us the rest were guys I get from my Craigslist ad or mailing list and just from the 

    The highlight of My night was milking a very big balled young man in the cum-bowl. He had five days worth of cum in his sac and I pulled it all out with my hand as he licked the balls of a huge hung middle aged man!

   The lighting was bright at first then I asked a few whether they wanted dark. I got a feel dark was better so I dimmed the lights.I stay at the door most of the time or sometimes go back there to get the men loosened up.

   There are great amenities(sauna,steam bath, showers, gym,hot tub,lockers,desk lock boxes,gloryhole stage, orgy room,patio) at Club Pittsburgh and 4 men or so never been there. 

    Even though my men tend to stray off and visit the Club’s amenities most will stay in the play area or come back down.At my home meeting that got only three rooms to go to so more of a solid group in action. 

That being said join us at the next home meeting in Butler pa. Gregg will be there too to fluff.

OMG! July’s fast but fun Club Pittsburgh jack-off meeting.

    Pittsburgh message board

Wow, some intense manly feelings were being felt at this meeting with all the legs spread wide,bowing of legs and men on their tippy-toes ,grabbing our hard dicks and goon facing as we circle jerked.Remember men feel most masculine at the point of ejaculation,CUM share that feeling with some extra hot Daburghjacks men.
       Eight hot horny men participated in July’s monthly group jack-off meeting at Club Pittsburgh.
There was two stars of the show.A hot young Latin man in his early twenties.Very muscled,fresh tattoos,fit with black hair and explosive good looks.Plus a big uncut cock!He had never been with guys before ,but was at ease with us.This man was drop-dead gorgeous  and not shy , or stuck up ,so the men had big fun with him.
       Second star was John.A regular at Club Pittsburgh that usually joins in with my men.He is a tall,blonde balding business man in his 50’s with a enormous dick! He goon face’s while jackin, curves his back and thrust his hips forward,up on his toes, while strokin his 9 inches dick.
      A lot of cock-sucking,ball grabbing, and cum shooting happened .It was over in a hour,but was an intense scene to watch.
     It finished with a guy with a biggest steel gage for his Prince Albert (pierced cock) shoot a big hot load into my gym jock-strap.
       Don’t miss the next meeting at our home July 20th/2014 at 2pm in Butler pa. where we have even MORE fun and it last longer.Come into our chat room and discuss what makes you feel like a man.Aggressive fucking women or men,taking care of your kids ect.

June 2nd meeting..

It was good 8 men paid and 7 participated . My partner and I ran it differently this month to get the guys together hoping they would remain together and have fun.I stayed upstairs and greeted my guys and directed them to where we play and gave them tickets ,while my partner, Gregg received the guys at the party door downstairs. Like I have mentioned before Club Pittsburgh is big and has lots of other spa-like amenities to offer so my men tend to stray there. That being said it started off good and 3 guys hit the cum-bowl.

Mr.Pittsburgh of 2013 showed up in a Meir cap and leather harness and jockstrap.He was very friendly and want to keep coming and network with my website.Next meeting is the home meeting, in Butler pa. June 22nd .



Tickets at Club Pittsburgh…

We think we came up with a solution to get the guys to stay in the play area at Club Pittsburgh.Yesterday jack off meeting was sort of a bust .I only got 6 men.Three guys got there money back for shooting into the cum-bowl in celebration on National Masturbation Month. I couldn’t believe the size of the first three guys penises .A young black man was traditionally  hung like a brother should be. Two white guy had long hung cocks, one nine incher that hung half way down his leg when soft.The other white guy about 50 had a very hard big thick tool! He hit the cum bowl too and a tall 34 year old with a fat long dick shoot long spurts into it too.

I have doing this payment thing all wrong at the club. No wonder I can’t at least get them to come down the stairs to the meeting and stay.When guys enter Club Pittsburgh at 6pm on Monday’s they are told to pay 10 bucks to get into the club and 5$ when they go downstairs and see me.Well by then they have changed with no clothes on and a towel only,with no pockets.It’s not customer-friendly to expect them to remember to bring 5$ down stairs.So I will have tickets at the front desk and all money transaction will be done at one time.You pay for both entrance to the club and the jack-off group at one time and get a ticket to hand me when you come down. 

The next meeting is at my home in Butler pa. The man with the biggest load will get his 10 bucks back in celebration of National Masturbation Month. 

May is National Masturbation Month! (read my newsletter)

 Pittsburgh message board

The home meeting  of April 13th 2014,  went nice, nine men showed up.Four new comers.Plus my dude and I made eleven.It was a very relaxed meeting,some had to leave early and only a few shot their loads.It was fun having a nice turn out and if you are a man that showed up ,please return in May because May is National Masturbation month and we will doing something special and different.I’m open to ideas in your comments here.I.e. a circle jerk shooting contest,where the first man to shoot gets his money back, or who ever can shoot the farthest or have the biggest load. Get back to me at which one you would like,if you attend.
   Give me some face to face feedback at the next meeting which is at Club Pittsburgh May 5th and KEEP JACKIN!