Better then Craigslists!

Have you ever tried to get a serious hook up on craigslist and all you got was teasers and game players?Thats because its free and available to every weirdo on the net you  could imagine.Not saying I screen every guys that writes on my wall,that is up to you, but they slap down a one time 5$ fee and the posting is permanent  and the local male traffic that find my website are  discreet ,serious plus hot men. So write on my wall today and get your ass ready for some real fun!! go to my Men’s stallwall now!

The January 12th home meeting

Due to privacy for my men and safety of the home location,I don’t respond to my ad on craigslist with the location of my home,until the very day of the meeting.My men deserve discretion and we also like to know who is coming into our home. On the day of the meeting I put a ad out and then will respond to strangers from craigslist with the location.

  I do this because of the success of November 2013 meeting when I put a craigslist ad out the day of the meeting and got 11 men.
 That being said we got five men ,(six with me) at the meeting today.One that used the ticket portal on the website’s homepage( which we prefer) .Two regulars that have been to my meetings,and two from craigslist.
  Three men filled the cum bowl ,and Bill got a facial again.