How was the Four Year Anniversary party?

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It went off beautifully with a nice intimate group of 10 horny men with me that made 11 guys.Twenty-two bouncing balls! We had two attendees from way back that decided to come and revisit and celebrate the anniversary .One a humpy young beard muscular  straight man who joined at the yearly level, with big nuts and my uncut big dicked buddy from Beaver county. I got one new face who joined as a yearly member and you could tell he was comfortable around being sexual with men,he was very at ease from the start.

Two guys got their  fantasies for-filled .One a virgin got his cherry popped he also later got a facial  and another for his first time got spit-roasted. Only two didn’t shoot their load and two hit the cum bowl.I had hot porn on the big screen from the internet and the men floated from the living room to the two bedrooms engaging in hot man action and jackin.

I had a hot dog bar and a celebratory cake and they eat it up after the sex and stood and chatted  nude in the kitchen.I offered water pop and beer all through the party.It was a great site to see men having sex ,kissing at times and touching and having fun with eachother.We sang ” we are jolly good fellas” and enjoyed our masculinity. You missed a good party if you didn’t come and going into the fifth year now they can only get better. Don’t keep us a secret and come to the April 24th at 2pm meeting.

First meeting at our new spot,10/10/2015

How does one measure success?Seven horny men exploring each other as we rocked to club music and eat mini sandwiches and had beer,water or pop?One member called it successful for our first meeting there. We watch some porn which I was told later needed to be improved.

Our new place above the located at 4111 Penn ave. is perfect cozy clean and private.I had two steady guys and three new guys plus my helper/buddy at the door that played too(Jim).Big-balls Jim eventually would jack is load into the cum-bowl.

A young black couple was among the new faces. Both were slim and sexy and both were hung well beyond 8-inches,thick too! The other new face was a mid-age white guy, slim fit and a great cocksucker.Dave and Brian come to my meetings often and I was happy to see them.

We found a few negatives about getting guys to the meeting.This new spot , it is hard to see the 4111 posted on the building.Next month I will bring a sign with 4111 penn on it.I mentioned me improving the porn plus I was told I need  Pittsburgh native ambassador to advertize my group to the local sex party community. My own critique is making the bathroom more homey.

In fact now that I think about it this new spot is a upper apartment so it is like having my home meeting but this one is in Allegheny county.From now on it will be called my jack-off apartment in Pittsburgh! Below are pictures of our new apartment spot.

new meeting 5new meeting place 1new meeting 3new meeting 2

2015 Father’s day meeting.

Pittsburgh message board

Not a bad turn out for a holiday it being the first time we held it on Father’s day.Seven men showed up on this first day of Summer 2015.We had 3 new faces,2 of them quite fatherly in their 60’s the one young new face was a very hot cinnamon toned black man in his 20’s with a lean smoking hot body big dick and very cute face.
He ended up sitting between Nate a regular muscular man with animal magnetism looks (25) and Nick (30) my hairy shaved headed member with his big dick.Jim a frequent participant with his mushroom headed dick and huge balls, ended up give our handsome married man a facial.
We enjoyed the shooting contest porn that was being played on the big screen tv.I offer beef and water to a few and two guys mixed their jizz with mine in the cum-bowl.
I informed everyone how we are going members only next month and they were alright with it.Daburghjacks is not closing any time soon.In fact we are going to grow,so if you think you will slap the 50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime and then I cancel the groups you are wrong.You also may think why charge at all.A lot of time and energy goes into setting up and campaigning for the meetings and keeping the website going.Also I been doing this a while since 2011 and when I communicate with guys that want to come they say yes.Next thing you know after they beat-off or get laid and they forget all about coming,so slapping down a few bucks adds to the commitment of coming to the meeting.
I have tried not to be negative in my blog,but I need to state that my experience with guys that call or email with a hundred questions are just curious and want to join but are just fishing for reasons not to come.They have hang ups and are not the group type and just waste my time and always don’t show up.
Honestly most of the guys are fit and young and hot,but we get a mix of guys in every group that are not the Adonis type.
So please be into open group action if you are considering being a member. We are real men and hot handsome men so join today!We are members only. Next meeting is July 6th at Club Pittsburgh at 6pm.

Real Nice Home Meeting!

Pittsburgh message board

Five men showed up at the first spring home meeting of 2015, one from the last Club Pittsburgh meeting.A humpy  straight young man that just turns me on.I later would shoot to watching his rugged masculine looks.He hit the cum -bowl good with all his jizz. The shaved headed young man very hairy with a thick tool ,who comes to my home meetings joined too.He shot on his hairy belly, while the uncut man fingered him.  Three older men in their late 50’s came . A very handsome daddy type with a athletic body and big dick who has been to a few of my meetings, Bill a local to the Butler area who shot his load first into the cum-bowl ,a uncut man who drove two hours to get here.

We had several hot real circle jerks,clapping each other shoulders and bowing our legs and pulling on each others dicks,  and watching the big screen tv with various porn dvd’s.Not much cocksucking but a lot of ball licking went on while a guy jacked .I had darken the room with new curtains so the mood was very relaxed.I gave our beer and water to those that wanted it. 

We all had a good view of each other jackin our dicks and it was a awesome male-bonding experience!  I poured the cum-bowl jizz with mine and the two guys in it( we mix our boys here) onto my black jock-strap.

    JOIN THE MAY 4TH MEETING AT CLUB PITTSBURGH,, if it is anything like last month there, it should be a very good time! 

WOW!! A Young men,big dick party!

Pittsburgh message board

Out of eleven men two were in their forties the rest were all in there twenty’s  and early thirties and were fit and fine! It was a very successful meeting and the cum was pouring. We had to use the back room,room 201 on the basement/dance floor area of Club Pittsburgh because it was the only tv that was working down there that showed the hot porn.

I was upstairs greeting my men and handing out to tickets for Gregg my partner to accept at the velvet rope of our play area.The room they had to assemble in turn out to be quite cozy with soft futon couches and a few chairs.A young Latin man had a thick long dick and two young white guys met the challenge with big cocks of their own.I peeked in several times and got off on the aroma of nude men jackin off and I wanked a bit. All the guys were handsome and sexy as hell!

Every now and then I have a meeting that is just perfect.This ranked as one of them .My only disappointment was that no one hit the cum-bowl  so I came home with a dry jockstrap, but that is my fetish and my men had a great time. I ask a few as they left if they shot their cum load and all did except three. Damien the staff greeter of Club Pittsburgh said it must be the good weather and that means the meetings will be getting better.If you have been coming, keep coming and if you been thinking about it ,now is the time to attend.

Join the fun at the home meeting April 19th ,2015 in Butler pa.

The March 15th home meeting..

Pittsburgh message board

Well last month we had three guys and this month the same number ,plus my dude and I ,so five men had a fairly good time.Even though through my campaigning for this meeting got a great response just three men had the balls to show up.

I was happily surprised by  the return of a steady member Dave( very hung and thick curved uncut cock) who was the first to arrive.Then a new guy thin with a always hard cockringed dick, and Nick the shaved headed young man with a huge piece ,that has been coming regularly  . The last two managed to hit the cum-bowl while getting rimmed.

I know guys want to come and once they have ,see that it is a very cool deal.I also been doing this a while and men that keep me on the phone asking a million questions will not be coming.That goes true with emailing too.I cut them a break and answer the questions because I know their  apprehension ,but I also know they wont show up.I have a F.A.Q. page meaning frequently asked questions and this blog, but I know guys want a more one on one “interview” with me to ease their fears,and I’m alright with that so dont be afraid to call or email me.But please use the F.A.Q page and this blog first.

Guys still want to know if “sex” is going on at the meetings.I assume they mean anal play which we down play here and sucking with we do engage in .As far as that, oral play just ask the guy ,he may be a true jacker and want to be watched.

A really fun home meeting!

Pittsburgh message board

Seven men showed up and we all had great fun jacking off with eachother .Bonding and hugging and admiring our manhoods together.Eight including me,,that 16 balls.All but two men shot thier loads.We had three new faces.A handsome bi guy from da burgh and a super sex couple from Michigan.
It started with Jim a older man with a very hard and thick dick coming first.Then littelnick came with his muscular humpy body and olive colored skin.Some men ooze sex appeal and for me nick does!The couple was young like in their 30’s and both gave off that animal magnetism that hot gay men can give off.
Jim a steady guy from Butler came and showed off his big mushroom head and big balls.He sports a nice basket even with his pants on.
I had got a pure jack off video from the recent Reading pa. trip my lover and I went on.It was there playing to watch but we mostly admired each other.
I got four nice loads into the cum-bowl and one shot right into my cum stained jock-strap.Love the musky manscent it gives off!
We joked and laughed and the feel in the room was very relaxed.Whether sucking went on really didn’t matter you have to come to a meeting to find that out.Just to say watching each other beat off was very hot as we spread our legs wide and enjoyed the masculine feeling.With each other.

R.S.V.P link,THE October 6th meeting and new xxx videos.

     Pittsburgh message board

That’s right men we got new hard porn jack off videos in the chatroom box! Only thing is they need a little navigation to view them.When you enter the chat room your video box in the lower bottom right of the room may be minimize with a double square symblom to expand it.Once it is open the first one is a xxx video,but they only play and open in another window, when you see the hand on the black area of the video.When you see the hand click the video.I loaded thirteen hot male masturbation videos to keep you busy while you wait for more guys to enter the room.The other “crotch grabbing” videos play in the room with a click of the play arrow.

    The October 6th meeting at Club Pittsburgh was small but average really for this time of year.Six guys came and they all said they had a good time.
One very nice older man managed to shoot a very heavy load into the cum-bowl.Two very fit men with big dicks were the stars of the party.

        Daburghjacks is going to try R.S.V.P.’s again.We did it in the past ,but guys would sign up to join us and not show up ,though some would send a email saying something came up, most abused the R.S.V.P page .One meeting a few years ago, I had 39 guys sign up,even though I had a big meeting, I think 4 on the list came and the rest from other sources.
Guys tend to sign up with a hard dick in hand.Once they shoot and are not horny any more they forget all about us.That is why we have a ticket portal on the home page and also why we are not totally free.Our reasoning being ,we assume, that once a few bucks is slapped down first then that guy will show up.
So to cover all the bases (while I adjust 😉 ).We have membership and ticket  registration with no credit card in the form of a R.S.V.P. link,but BEWARE the R.S.V.P link will not be abused!If you sign on to join us and don’t show we will be created a “no show/game players” list .What we will do with that list?Who knows or cares ,right! But we will know not to take those guys seriously.So PLEASE respect the group and only use the R.S.V.P. link if you are free that date and time and will SHOW UP!Hope to see you at our next home meeting.KEEP JACKIN!

Last Summer meeting,,

Well the last jack off meeting of the summer was cute. Just three men came .A local from Butler very hot trim and hairy chested also he is a regular guy that comes often. A silver member came ,21 years old and smooth brown-skinned black man who shot into the cum-bowl for me.My partner went to visit friends and was not here.

A nice large guy joined in too . I was disappointed in the number I  got this month but sorta expected it because I’m trying to start a” no lips below the hips” rule for the group and I  think that got out. This is a masturbation group, PRIMARILY .That being said we still sucked a little cock at this meeting to have fun.

September 8th, Club Pittsburgh meeting..

This hot young stud in the picture just shot his very big load into the cum bowl. Six men enjoyed watching each other jack off and touch each other too. Five men plus me participated in a very nice jack off meeting.They had picked a area with no porn playing and got off watching each other.  

  It may have been low number also because I moved the date to the second Monday of September because the first Monday(which is the day we usually meet)  of September was  Labor day.

  The first to join us was a member that has been to my home meetings a few times.He was about 55 and hung thick.Next was a cute bottom with a little dick that got real hard.Then a otter type guy which would be the first to fill the cum-bowl with a very nice load.Then the handsome young man pictured here.During the session I decided to enjoy myself and stood with legs wide and one hand behind my head and cock one foot up and shot into the bowl as well.IT FELT REAL MACHO JACKIN WITH MY DUDES!

   We later edged and talked together alone and he told me how he liked the otter type guy that left after shooting and how he had to change seats because I sat the cum-bowl next to him and he craved to drink it.

  Even though a small number ,we had a decent time so join us for then next meeting ,which is our home meeting in Butler pa. In the mean time come chat with us and other Western Pa. men now for free without email registration in the chat room