“Great jack off group”

If you are a member and didn’t come to the November 18th meeting you missed an awesome time.We got 13 men!One new face. A hairy chested young man with a big dick.He shot 3 times.Bill and John and a few others shot multiple loads too!That cute married guy that wears the baseball cap, you know one with the beautiful ass.Well, he spit roasted a steady attendee.VIEW THEM HERE.

Plus got his great ass rimmed repeatedly!

Two ginger colored guys kissed all through the meeting and enjoyed each other immensely.After a while, the aroma of jizz filled the spaces.Every one shot. Some more then once so it was a fountain of cum party.I got 3 on my jockstrap.It is soaked with man-milk and smells great! Also got  2 hot loads on my dick.We heard someone getting fucked in the kitchen too.A lot of other things happened in my bedroom. Many men on the bed a few standing just having unbridled unrestrained sex! With some very discreet men.

We sat around and jacked off as we watched the porn or/and each other.There is little to no chatting during the orgy, only sex sounds.We save the convo for after or in between sessions.Gregg my lover was here and came out of the bedroom and played later.

The guys are very comfortable with each other.That is what happens when they attend steady as members.

If you want to contact one and come free post a GOOD ad  here. See you December 2nd.

“Hot Group sex in Butler Pa.”

This November 4th party was simply amazing.We got 10 men. All horny, relaxed, fit and hard even me! Beside that a hot young outdoorsy type with dark clean-cut hair, hung handsome and sexy body named Brett paid us a visit, the guys also enjoy gang-banging a young sexy stocky Italian man.He got 4 hard dicks up his ass. This was just one of his fantasies that got fulfilled at Daburghjacks.

We had a mid-age stud monkey fuck, (straddle a cocksucker’s face, legs wide, big balls hanging)Image result for men monkey fucking and fuck a dude’s throat so deep it made the fucker make load manly aggressive sounds.He had very thick girth to his cock. He also shot two loads I was later told.

I was happy when I got two big loads to soak my gym-jockstrap and one hot load on my dick to jack with.

The guys at this meeting had sex appeal. With soft music from the porn on the big screen and loud group man action sound from the porn in the bedrooms and from the real sex too.

The lighting was off in all the rooms and the light came only from the televisions.The setting as always is just right for an orgy. Big beds with clean comforters, comfortable couches and lounge chairs with towels on them, lube to jack-off with and cold water to drink. And don’t forget the friendly non-pressure, personable host. The guys really “know” each other now which makes it even more relaxed, plus the safe play.

Man up and cut the “I’m nervous” correspondence crap I get with emails and text. YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME! When they start asking 1000 silly questions I’ve learned they are only fishing for the one that gives them a reason not to come.GROW SOME BALLS! And get here November 18th,2017 at 6pm. JOIN HERE. At 50$ a year or 100$ lifetime.

Membership Drive.

As an incentive to get fresh faces at the meetings.We at Daburghjacks will have an ongoing membership drive.Yearly members, please bring a new guy to a meeting. He can attend once free or join us. You will get an extra month added to your membership.Lifetime members can bring a buddy and he can attend twice free or join us. If you want to contact a member so you can attend free post an ad here> Stallwall

We got seven horny guys at the August 19th, 2017 meeting and all shot their loads.A steady attendee who likes cum-facials or bukkake got two loads blasted on his face and I got three new cum stains on my gym-jock.I’m wearing it now and the bleachy musky man aroma is great.

We got one new member from Y-town and his cock was so thick when hard that a big man’s hand like mine could barely grip it fully! Plus he loved having it sucked while he

manly had his hands on his hips akimbo style, and stood above a cocksucker at the meeting and grabbed his head, bowed his legs and made him gag on it, a real face fucker! It was hot to watch.Image result for thick cock We got two more summer meetings;

September 2nd at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
September 16th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.

I will set the Fall 2017 schedule as always in the quarterly newsletter and email it to all the guys on the list(1070 men).As the season changes and people are coming back from vacations and back to the work grind my meetings get more crowded so if you want in on this future fun JOIN HERE. Either 50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime.Thanks for your interest and,,


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WOW ! ” dirty jock straps”

Eight guys had some awesome fun.Six men came into our home tonight 4/8/2017 and boy did we have fun.I even got a load on my jockstrap! We got one new face who was shy at first but turned out to be the life of the party.

We had a very intense and at had some points intimate times.Though the weather was warm I still got a nice enough group to have a great time. It lasted the whole three hours.

We get men that have never been with guys before and many have told me that the guys were slow and easy and the setting so comfortable that they had a very good once in a lifetime experience at Daburghjacks.

The reason a titled this post WOW or sometimes speak of a successful meeting can be gauged in a number of ways.The number of men attending like the good amount at the recent Anniversary party or the hotness and fitness of the guys  or/and the activity of what they engaged in and how long it lasted.Did everyone get off? Maybe even shot two or three times.Did someone get a fantasy for filled? Found a jack off buddy  or even a lover they can meet outside of the meetings? Some of these have happened .  Join the fun and experience the benefits only a discrete easy going group like Daburghjacks can provide.


Successful first meeting of the year.

Pittsburgh message board

Fourteen horny men +three rooms with gay porn = a fucking great meeting!!!

We got twelve guys into our home tonight and Gregg and I  make 14.That 28 balls and lots of cum. They mostly assembled in my bedroom and it was lit only from the tv screen and two candles.The porn had soft music in it and the ceiling fan added a nice breeze for the hot fun.So they had a semi-darkroom and after a while the musky man aroma from the sex play was enough to give any man a boner. We sucked a lot of cock and were very happy with the variety of men.

I  got two new faces and two yearly renewals. Plus a couple of long time faces returned. Three men had extra large dicks and I got loads of cum from two of them onto my gym-jockstrap.

I  had several condom out for use and notice after the meeting that some where gone,so I assume safe fucking went on.

You missed a great time! But you can attend the next one, January 29th at 2pm. > JOIN

A bust , but!..

Pittsburgh message board

Yeah October 8th ,2016 meeting only got two other guys then me.A bust ,but we got a hot new yearly member that was absolutely a man’s man. He was tall with a solid frame and big portions. A rugged shutting chin and strong German looks with a buzzed hair cut.Super masculine!

When he came out the bedroom and was fully nude I couldn’t believe the size and girth(6 inches around at the base) of his cock . 

His ball stretcher made his grade A size testicles  bounce on his body and I ignored the porn and watched him beat his very big dick with the Prince Albert piercings he wore. He ended up shooting on my dick and gym-jock and I returned the favor and came on his dick. If you are a member of the website you can chat a view Ken’s profile here;  http://daburghjacks.com/members-2/str8married/ Paul join us too and gave him a facial. Yeah only the three of us but we had a great time.

“Man Scent” Are you kinky or vanilla ?


Pittsburgh message board

I figure you know what kinky means.Vanilla when use to describe sex action mean plain ordinary boring sex acts. Which in my opinion does not turn me on.Well I’m gay and that’s kinky from the start, and you know the saying “Sex ain’t dirty unless it’s done right”.

As far as sniffing and licking a ripe armpit or enjoying the aroma of ball sweat and penis funk,for some members of the gay male community it can get us rock HARD! Armpit fetishism (also known as maschalagnia) is a partialism in which an individual is sexually attracted to armpits – something which may lead to axillism, or armpit intercourse .In me it is just a turn on that ignites that animal magnetism and gets me all excited for the manliness in a man.images

Axillism                                                                                                                                                                                                               12439276_10201339371561626_2807176516238054688_n
Having sexual Intercourse with an Armpit.

   Now I’m clean I bathe every day some times twice a day,but some times my own sweat scent after a workout can turn me on and I end up wacking off in the stall at the gym.As you might have read in my past posting I love my cum-rag jock strap and getting it wet at my meetings with my guys jizz.My only real kink is cum in my jock pouch.I have a cum-bowl that at a couple of my meetings got many loads in it.No blood, piss, (i wear the thing don’t want to smell like piss) or scat (shit).My jock has a mild when dry and wild when wet a sexy musky masculine bleachy scent. I love smelling like a man. Men smell like cheese,especially if they don’t clean that smegma from thier foreskin, and women smell like grapefruits or onions.For a while I thought it was only me ,then I found many sites online devoted to dirty- cum stained jockstraps and they trade them. Some guys have joked that they didn’t know a jock-strap is supposed to be washed.tumblr_myq2luHH3B1rzo5rno1_500tumblr_m98oai83pV1rwadwco1_500tumblr_o5a75jGdTe1uyakbgo1_500

Below is thread I found on the topic of men’s crotch scent and a scientific explanation on this topic.I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section at the bottom.


Depends on how clean the guy is.

After sex though…I’ve been told that most of the sex smell comes from the guy. I don’t know how to describe it, but the cum and hormones/pheromones, whatever have a very distinctive smell.


Before sex, probably little smell, unless the guy is uncut and does not clean the smegma from under his foreskin, which would smell pretty skanky. Or if he does not wipe himself well.

After sex, the smell would be a mix of sweat, male “musk”, and the smell of semen/sperm and female juices on the penis (unless a condom is used).


Smells like chedder

-Lady of the Freaks

one thing to keep in mind is that people often don’t notice their own scent, while to other people it is quite strong.


The “right” man’s crotch smells like home. 🙂


It smells like dick and balls. That’s the only way I can describe it. Haven’t you ever seen a guy stick his hands in his pants and then smell his fingers? I don’t believe any man doesn’t know exactly what his dick smells like.

Research shows that women  and men can be turned on by just a few sniffs of a man’s sweaty armpits.
The scientists showed that male sweat contains a compound capable of lightening a woman’s mood and heightening her sexual arousal.
Androstadienone (CORR), a musky-smelling chemical, also speeds up blood pressure, heart rate and breathing and raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
The researchers said their work provided the first direct evidence that humans, like rats, moths and butterflies, give off pheromones – scents that affect the body of the opposite sex.
Dr Claire Wyart (BOTH CORR), of the University of California, said: “This is the first time anyone has demonstrated that a change in women’s hormonal levels is induced by sniffing an identified compound of male sweat.
“This male chemical signal, androstadienone, does cause hormonal as well as physiological and psychological changes in women and men.”
The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience is, however, not the first to show that male sweat holds a certain appeal for his sex partner.
A study carried out at the University of Northumbria showed that a whiff of sweat has the ability to turn a frog into a prince.
Researchers asked a group of female students to judge the attractiveness of men shown in photos.
A second group of women were set the same task, but this time, unknown to them, a cloth soaked in male sweat was hidden nearby.
The women under the influence of the pheromones – released by glands including those under our arms – rated all the men as being more attractive.
Those judged as being the least attractive by the first group of women showed the biggest jump in sex appeal, with the women rating them as being almost as appealing as the best-looking men.
The only women to resist the effect of sweat were those taking the contraceptive pill.
It is thought the hormones in the Pill stop women from responding as strongly to natural signals of attraction.
Sweat also plays another important role in the mating game, with scientists believing we seek out partners whose body odour is different to our own.
Research has shown our sweat contains important information about our immune system.
From sniffing someone’s sweat, we subconsciously glean information about their strengths and weaknesses in fighting off illness and infection.
The more different someone’s sweat is to yours, the more pleasant you find them – and their sweat.
It is thought the phenomenon evolved to prevent us unintentionally mating with relatives – or others who are genetically similar to us.

The March 12th meeting

The meeting went well with three new men joining at the yearly level,Paul,Brett and Tim and two steady attendees .Though the number of men was unusually low ,we chalked the low number to it being St.Patrick’s Day  ,they still had a great time and all of them shot a load.Tim shot twice. I got plenty of jizz for my gym-jock!

The next meeting is March 20th at 2pm  a Sunday ,but keep the date clear on your calendar for April 9th at 6pm because that will be our four year anniversary party! I’m going to plan something special for that and do a strong campaign .Subscribe to the newsletter . I will post special discount codes in it. I’m accepting any ideas from members to spice up the fun .Email me at darren@daburghjacks.com . Join the group here. We get nice big parties as the weather gets better.

                                 HOT SEXY GUYS!


The first night meeting at my home,12/12/2015

Success! Wow. They came to the meeting slowly. The last one showed up at 7:40 pm. he was in his 20’s horny and handsome as can be! He immediately took his pants off like he’d been here before,which he had not.Whip out a ready big hard dick, sat in a lounge chair .A local to Butler Pa. man went down on him in front of everyone.
I got eight horny men. Five were real yearly members and three joined this meeting as a non-member.They had lots of fun at multiple times.
Ages from 65 to 30ish,one African-American like me the rest were white guys.
Geez what a party! I had some cool Isley Brothers playing in the background. I offered beer and water, pop to all the guest.One man asked for poppers, which I supplied for him.I saw one guy getting hog tied and was told late ,something bizarre and kinky happened.
Lots of SPUNKLUBE was being used and we had a impromptu circle jerk in the hall watching the men on my bed.I got some cum on my dick to jack off with.
Later I would get Bigred to shoot right onto my cum-rag gym-jockstrap. I’m wearing it now and the aroma is intoxicating. Lot of cum shooting and cock-sucking went on,plus other safe play. Join at the 50$ level,you will not be disappointed.