“Great jack off group”

If you are a member and didn’t come to the November 18th meeting you missed an awesome time.We got 13 men!One new face. A hairy chested young man with a big dick.He shot 3 times.Bill and John and a few others shot multiple loads too!That cute married guy that wears the baseball cap, you know one with the beautiful ass.Well, he spit roasted a steady attendee.VIEW THEM HERE.

Plus got his great ass rimmed repeatedly!

Two ginger colored guys kissed all through the meeting and enjoyed each other immensely.After a while, the aroma of jizz filled the spaces.Every one shot. Some more then once so it was a fountain of cum party.I got 3 on my jockstrap.It is soaked with man-milk and smells great! Also got  2 hot loads on my dick.We heard someone getting fucked in the kitchen too.A lot of other things happened in my bedroom. Many men on the bed a few standing just having unbridled unrestrained sex! With some very discreet men.

We sat around and jacked off as we watched the porn or/and each other.There is little to no chatting during the orgy, only sex sounds.We save the convo for after or in between sessions.Gregg my lover was here and came out of the bedroom and played later.

The guys are very comfortable with each other.That is what happens when they attend steady as members.

If you want to contact one and come free post a GOOD ad  here. See you December 2nd.

” Pittsburgh Men’s group”

Thirteen must be our lucky number because that is how many guys we got again at this meeting like the last meeting. We got one new member a hairy Italian, who edged alot until he shot a huge load for my pouch.Both married couples showed up.And the chit-chat after the play made me feel closer to “my guys”.

I have a party idea that I need feedback on in the comments. Once at one of the my meetings I used to have years ago at another venue, a stocky muscular ruggedly handsome member shot on my dick and I used his cum to squirt.I was very hot and we did it again at another meeting .It was such a turn on to face a guy and exchange our man-milk on each-others tool. Plus I advertise a cum-like lube product. Just giving you guys future ideas to get you off at any future meeting. If you have any hot jack off experiences or ideas(handjobs, edging contest, distance shooting)let us know and tell me what you think about this one.

Going to write the schedule for the fall 2017 meetings in the fall 2017 newsletter soon. Look in our spam folder if you dont see in our inbox. To get the newsletter where I go more in-depth to what happens at meetings with pictures, email me your email address to ; darrren8@aol.com , no typo. To keep it simple JOIN HERE at 50$ per year.

Friendly meeting

I never saw such shoulder-clapping, hugging and kissing true male bonding in any meeting I ever had.I think two guys found love even, they spent the whole session together.I got ten guys again all but one shot his load.We got a couple that joined as life members and both had big fucking dicks. The rest of the men were regular attendees.Starting this membership thing was my best idea because I’m sure to get my core group and with new men a good crowd.

We were able to use all three play areas with hot porn in each room. I even got two loads of jizz on my jock one from a nice handjob I gave Bruce. It turned out to be a very relaxed meeting.No expectations or pressure. Easy going and light conversations. Men are just cool to be around and hangout with especially in a sexual setting. Simply put my Daburghjacks men are really a cool set of men. If you been thinking about joining now is the time because they get more fun as the season goes toward cooler weather. GET YOUR 50$ MEMBERSHIP HERE.

“Lots of cum”

Eight men enjoyed some hot man action fun at the May 27th party/meeting. Gregg and I  got 6 hard horny men into our home.I titled this post lots of cum, because most of them shot several loads of jizz.

I think that means they were relaxed and had a good time.That includes a new face, John from the city . A bear built young man with a hard happy cock. We kept him moaning with ecstasy most of his time here as a newcomer.

We had a return visit from the married couple, Carl and Mike both have big dicks and are about 40 years old each.Norm our “ginger down there” buddy with the sexiest ass you ever saw, paid us a visit. Plus friendly Paul.

We hugged and kissed when we said goodbye and it lasted until 8:45 pm.Please JOIN US< for the next June 10th meeting.

The February 29th meeting.


We got five guys with me makes six men having a good time.I had two members renew their yearly membership.One of those was a very handsome young, hung, bear-type guy that spit a very large load into the cum bowl for my jock. He is the only one that completed the cum bowl challenge.Which is; yearly members get an extra month and lifetime members can bring a buddy once free if they shoot into the bowl.

All the guys ejaculated and it ended quickly,just an hour and a half.

Look for announcements of the of the five-year anniversary party in a few months . Leave ideas for fun for that in a comment,please.

WOW!! A Young men,big dick party!

Pittsburgh message board

Out of eleven men two were in their forties the rest were all in there twenty’s  and early thirties and were fit and fine! It was a very successful meeting and the cum was pouring. We had to use the back room,room 201 on the basement/dance floor area of Club Pittsburgh because it was the only tv that was working down there that showed the hot porn.

I was upstairs greeting my men and handing out to tickets for Gregg my partner to accept at the velvet rope of our play area.The room they had to assemble in turn out to be quite cozy with soft futon couches and a few chairs.A young Latin man had a thick long dick and two young white guys met the challenge with big cocks of their own.I peeked in several times and got off on the aroma of nude men jackin off and I wanked a bit. All the guys were handsome and sexy as hell!

Every now and then I have a meeting that is just perfect.This ranked as one of them .My only disappointment was that no one hit the cum-bowl  so I came home with a dry jockstrap, but that is my fetish and my men had a great time. I ask a few as they left if they shot their cum load and all did except three. Damien the staff greeter of Club Pittsburgh said it must be the good weather and that means the meetings will be getting better.If you have been coming, keep coming and if you been thinking about it ,now is the time to attend.

Join the fun at the home meeting April 19th ,2015 in Butler pa.

“mutual male masturbation” Nov,2014 Club Meeting!!

Pittsburgh message board

Wow what a hot time the guys had.Nine men participated in this hot male mutual masturbation meeting.Two bought a paper ticket which I offer on the homepage.Brian a steady member that used to come to my Ambridge pa. meetings and a few from my email campaign .The rest were Club Pitt visitors that were curious.

One very cute and hung young man ,came down without a towel and written in big letters the words “shoot cum here” on his chest got his fantasy forfilled when four hot loads was shot onto his smooth chest! One the guys that did that had earlier play with me at the door.He was a very hairy bear in his 30’s with huge balls and we jacked together at the door while chatting with a guy and he shot a nice load into my black tru-fit jock-strap pouch!
All in all I was very happy with my November 2014 Club Pittsburgh turn out and look forward to the home meeting of this month.

ps;This turned out to be a pure jack off meeting .I didnt see any guys sucking cock but they all had a great time!

Incredible FUN!

         Great turn out! Twelve men show up at the July 20th home meeting of Daburghjacks! This had to be the best meeting so far.Our ginger man from Kittanning and a buddy from California and a new guy name John 61 yds old had the biggest cocks! John was huge with a 8.5 dick and very thick.

         We had a local redneck from Butler that was married and super handsome that showed up in rugged work clothes. Bill who goes by the name bigshooter in the chatroom, lived up to his name by pouring a ton of jizz for us into my cum-rag jockstrap.

      Nate our bud from Cali with super girth to his dick shot on it too. Plenty of fun was to be had in the privacy of my bed room as the hotter guys of the party did there thing and I closed the door.

     A stocky fit man from North hills poured more cum into my pouch as well. I think two guys found love ,because they went into the bed room alone and kissed and made out for a long time and later traded numbers.I was able to get one of their loads on my jock-strap as well. I never had such a good turn out before and I’m very grateful for their support!

A lot of jackin,suckin and more went on. Join the next meeting at Club Pittsburgh August 4th, where we will be celebrating National Male Appreciation Day.Sign up for my newsletter on my home page to get information on that. The following is a real faceless picture of the July 20th fun.


OMG! July’s fast but fun Club Pittsburgh jack-off meeting.

    Pittsburgh message board

Wow, some intense manly feelings were being felt at this meeting with all the legs spread wide,bowing of legs and men on their tippy-toes ,grabbing our hard dicks and goon facing as we circle jerked.Remember men feel most masculine at the point of ejaculation,CUM share that feeling with some extra hot Daburghjacks men.
       Eight hot horny men participated in July’s monthly group jack-off meeting at Club Pittsburgh.
There was two stars of the show.A hot young Latin man in his early twenties.Very muscled,fresh tattoos,fit with black hair and explosive good looks.Plus a big uncut cock!He had never been with guys before ,but was at ease with us.This man was drop-dead gorgeous  and not shy , or stuck up ,so the men had big fun with him.
       Second star was John.A regular at Club Pittsburgh that usually joins in with my men.He is a tall,blonde balding business man in his 50’s with a enormous dick! He goon face’s while jackin, curves his back and thrust his hips forward,up on his toes, while strokin his 9 inches dick.
      A lot of cock-sucking,ball grabbing, and cum shooting happened .It was over in a hour,but was an intense scene to watch.
     It finished with a guy with a biggest steel gage for his Prince Albert (pierced cock) shoot a big hot load into my gym jock-strap.
       Don’t miss the next meeting at our home July 20th/2014 at 2pm in Butler pa. where we have even MORE fun and it last longer.Come into our chat room and discuss what makes you feel like a man.Aggressive fucking women or men,taking care of your kids ect.

The Velvet Rope….

The March 3rd meeting at Club Pittsburgh was weird .Not the fact that only two guys paid to join in,but the hottest action happened at the entrance to the party at the velvet rope.I must have been

 email communicating with this hot young man :He promised to be at the March 16th meeting.The guys that came to my door entrance  to the party, were met with my warm smile at the Velvet  Rope ,that I lower when they pay to get in,but no one wanted to go back to their locker and get the five bucks,so we played at the rope.He got shot on by a very thick cock and wants to relive a experience he had with 5 guys that shot their load onto him.So dont miss this hot young thing March 16th at the Butler pa. home meeting.