WOW ! ” dirty jock straps”

Eight guys had some awesome fun.Six men came into our home tonight 4/8/2017 and boy did we have fun.I even got a load on my jockstrap! We got one new face who was shy at first but turned out to be the life of the party.

We had a very intense and at had some points intimate times.Though the weather was warm I still got a nice enough group to have a great time. It lasted the whole three hours.

We get men that have never been with guys before and many have told me that the guys were slow and easy and the setting so comfortable that they had a very good once in a lifetime experience at Daburghjacks.

The reason a titled this post WOW or sometimes speak of a successful meeting can be gauged in a number of ways.The number of men attending like the good amount at the recent Anniversary party or the hotness and fitness of the guys  or/and the activity of what they engaged in and how long it lasted.Did everyone get off? Maybe even shot two or three times.Did someone get a fantasy for filled? Found a jack off buddy  or even a lover they can meet outside of the meetings? Some of these have happened .  Join the fun and experience the benefits only a discrete easy going group like Daburghjacks can provide.


Real Nice Home Meeting!

Pittsburgh message board

Five men showed up at the first spring home meeting of 2015, one from the last Club Pittsburgh meeting.A humpy  straight young man that just turns me on.I later would shoot to watching his rugged masculine looks.He hit the cum -bowl good with all his jizz. The shaved headed young man very hairy with a thick tool ,who comes to my home meetings joined too.He shot on his hairy belly, while the uncut man fingered him.  Three older men in their late 50’s came . A very handsome daddy type with a athletic body and big dick who has been to a few of my meetings, Bill a local to the Butler area who shot his load first into the cum-bowl ,a uncut man who drove two hours to get here.

We had several hot real circle jerks,clapping each other shoulders and bowing our legs and pulling on each others dicks,  and watching the big screen tv with various porn dvd’s.Not much cocksucking but a lot of ball licking went on while a guy jacked .I had darken the room with new curtains so the mood was very relaxed.I gave our beer and water to those that wanted it. 

We all had a good view of each other jackin our dicks and it was a awesome male-bonding experience!  I poured the cum-bowl jizz with mine and the two guys in it( we mix our boys here) onto my black jock-strap.

    JOIN THE MAY 4TH MEETING AT CLUB PITTSBURGH,, if it is anything like last month there, it should be a very good time! 

Awesome jack off session!

Pittsburgh message board

Five hot men eventually enjoyed this intimate man action of mutual male masturbation fun.
First man that showed up was 23 year old man from near by. He was tall and good looking .Second man was Bill a steady middle aged member that would later give my jock-strap a good load.Then a handsome man in his 30’s named David showed up and was hard and jackin from the start!
          We all enjoyed each-other for a while then a very hot hairy man in his 20’s came .He had a very thick cock and became the star of the party.His hot muscles and super hairy body was like ruggedly masculine with a shaved head turn on.His name was Nick.The guys did more then jacking off .
The last man came very late but Nick and I got him off and I put his load in my jockstrap.
The faceless picture is David and the 23 year old.
           Join us for the next circle jerk at Club Pittsburgh,January 5th,2015.WP_20141221_001

“mutual male masturbation” Nov,2014 Club Meeting!!

Pittsburgh message board

Wow what a hot time the guys had.Nine men participated in this hot male mutual masturbation meeting.Two bought a paper ticket which I offer on the homepage.Brian a steady member that used to come to my Ambridge pa. meetings and a few from my email campaign .The rest were Club Pitt visitors that were curious.

One very cute and hung young man ,came down without a towel and written in big letters the words “shoot cum here” on his chest got his fantasy forfilled when four hot loads was shot onto his smooth chest! One the guys that did that had earlier play with me at the door.He was a very hairy bear in his 30’s with huge balls and we jacked together at the door while chatting with a guy and he shot a nice load into my black tru-fit jock-strap pouch!
All in all I was very happy with my November 2014 Club Pittsburgh turn out and look forward to the home meeting of this month.

ps;This turned out to be a pure jack off meeting .I didnt see any guys sucking cock but they all had a great time!

A really fun home meeting!

Pittsburgh message board

Seven men showed up and we all had great fun jacking off with eachother .Bonding and hugging and admiring our manhoods together.Eight including me,,that 16 balls.All but two men shot thier loads.We had three new faces.A handsome bi guy from da burgh and a super sex couple from Michigan.
It started with Jim a older man with a very hard and thick dick coming first.Then littelnick came with his muscular humpy body and olive colored skin.Some men ooze sex appeal and for me nick does!The couple was young like in their 30’s and both gave off that animal magnetism that hot gay men can give off.
Jim a steady guy from Butler came and showed off his big mushroom head and big balls.He sports a nice basket even with his pants on.
I had got a pure jack off video from the recent Reading pa. trip my lover and I went on.It was there playing to watch but we mostly admired each other.
I got four nice loads into the cum-bowl and one shot right into my cum stained jock-strap.Love the musky manscent it gives off!
We joked and laughed and the feel in the room was very relaxed.Whether sucking went on really didn’t matter you have to come to a meeting to find that out.Just to say watching each other beat off was very hot as we spread our legs wide and enjoyed the masculine feeling.With each other.

Another Great Meeting!

Wow twelve horny men came to the Club Pittsburgh August 4th meeting.The success was partly due to the that my lover Gregg help me by taking the tickets I gave out after guys paid their 5 bucks to me and went down stairs. Two steady Club members (nice fit men) joined us the rest were guys I get from my Craigslist ad or mailing list and just from the 

    The highlight of My night was milking a very big balled young man in the cum-bowl. He had five days worth of cum in his sac and I pulled it all out with my hand as he licked the balls of a huge hung middle aged man!

   The lighting was bright at first then I asked a few whether they wanted dark. I got a feel dark was better so I dimmed the lights.I stay at the door most of the time or sometimes go back there to get the men loosened up.

   There are great amenities(sauna,steam bath, showers, gym,hot tub,lockers,desk lock boxes,gloryhole stage, orgy room,patio) at Club Pittsburgh and 4 men or so never been there. 

    Even though my men tend to stray off and visit the Club’s amenities most will stay in the play area or come back down.At my home meeting that got only three rooms to go to so more of a solid group in action. 

That being said join us at the next home meeting in Butler pa. Gregg will be there too to fluff.

Incredible FUN!

         Great turn out! Twelve men show up at the July 20th home meeting of Daburghjacks! This had to be the best meeting so far.Our ginger man from Kittanning and a buddy from California and a new guy name John 61 yds old had the biggest cocks! John was huge with a 8.5 dick and very thick.

         We had a local redneck from Butler that was married and super handsome that showed up in rugged work clothes. Bill who goes by the name bigshooter in the chatroom, lived up to his name by pouring a ton of jizz for us into my cum-rag jockstrap.

      Nate our bud from Cali with super girth to his dick shot on it too. Plenty of fun was to be had in the privacy of my bed room as the hotter guys of the party did there thing and I closed the door.

     A stocky fit man from North hills poured more cum into my pouch as well. I think two guys found love ,because they went into the bed room alone and kissed and made out for a long time and later traded numbers.I was able to get one of their loads on my jock-strap as well. I never had such a good turn out before and I’m very grateful for their support!

A lot of jackin,suckin and more went on. Join the next meeting at Club Pittsburgh August 4th, where we will be celebrating National Male Appreciation Day.Sign up for my newsletter on my home page to get information on that. The following is a real faceless picture of the July 20th fun.


OMG! July’s fast but fun Club Pittsburgh jack-off meeting.

    Pittsburgh message board

Wow, some intense manly feelings were being felt at this meeting with all the legs spread wide,bowing of legs and men on their tippy-toes ,grabbing our hard dicks and goon facing as we circle jerked.Remember men feel most masculine at the point of ejaculation,CUM share that feeling with some extra hot Daburghjacks men.
       Eight hot horny men participated in July’s monthly group jack-off meeting at Club Pittsburgh.
There was two stars of the show.A hot young Latin man in his early twenties.Very muscled,fresh tattoos,fit with black hair and explosive good looks.Plus a big uncut cock!He had never been with guys before ,but was at ease with us.This man was drop-dead gorgeous  and not shy , or stuck up ,so the men had big fun with him.
       Second star was John.A regular at Club Pittsburgh that usually joins in with my men.He is a tall,blonde balding business man in his 50’s with a enormous dick! He goon face’s while jackin, curves his back and thrust his hips forward,up on his toes, while strokin his 9 inches dick.
      A lot of cock-sucking,ball grabbing, and cum shooting happened .It was over in a hour,but was an intense scene to watch.
     It finished with a guy with a biggest steel gage for his Prince Albert (pierced cock) shoot a big hot load into my gym jock-strap.
       Don’t miss the next meeting at our home July 20th/2014 at 2pm in Butler pa. where we have even MORE fun and it last longer.Come into our chat room and discuss what makes you feel like a man.Aggressive fucking women or men,taking care of your kids ect.

No credit card,just register and COME.

OMG,! It doesn’t take a room full of guys to have big fun.In fact the seven men that joined my jack off group was just fine.One very handsome fit young man found us through the website joined us.He was shy but jacked with us then went upstairs.Billy mid-age man with rugged masculine looks and a tree-trunk cock ,and repeat visitor to my group came,he played with Brian ,they had a two-some.
   The star of the show was a smoking hot, plus friendly, not-stuck up young man visiting Club Pittsburgh.He was so hot and hung so thick,I let him in free!This guy was the type that makes men hard!
  My fantasy was for-filled when Pat ,a mid-age man poured a huge load into my jock-strap,I got three loads into it that night at the group.
    Now onto business.The ticket portal is getting looked at,(I’m a webmaster I can see that),but the tickets are not being bought.I understand many guys don’t want a paper trail to this group,so I’m going to make it a register button and guys can pay at the door.I will require a working email address .I’m going to experiment with this to see if guys show up ,after they are through being horny once they’ve registered.So join us at the home meeting April 13th in Butler pa.