The January 14th meeting

Small group today.We got 5 guys, 7 if you include Gregg and me.I ended up solo jackin a very big load from my long dick, while my guys were having sex in my bed.Again that new cutie from the last meeting Dan came.He would later shoot three loads of cum!I got one on my strap.We got two nice looking new guys as yearly members.Josh young man with a nice thick cock and Mike(who shot two loads) a very handsome older man.Paul my unofficial vice-president came and a young steady attendee named Greg.A lot of jacking off went on with our favorite lube. 

The Steelers were playing for the Superbowl so we attribute the low number due to that. I keep the schedule steady and consistent not to confuse the members.

Tomorrow is my lover, Gregg birthday.I asked Paul and Dan to help me sing happy birthday to him as a surprise. I got him a sexy teddy.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for March 10th Six-year anniversary party.It may get full so join right now HERE.

First “Pittsburgh Pa. jack off meeting” of 2018

We got 9 men.Two new guys attended. One brought by our lifer bud uncut Dave.He brought Brent.And a very handsome young man from Ohio Pyle, Dan.The guys gave him quite a warm welcome! Though it was very cold there was little wind and it wasn’t snowing so the attendance was good for the weather.Like I say often cold months are busy because of the inside play.
I made it very dark for the action.All the lights were off and light came only from the TVs.Some of the porn in the living room had no music so I played a mix of smooth jazz, electronic rhythms, and George Michael.To go along with the sounds of the guys jacking, rimming, and sucking on each other.
My lover Gregg came out after an hour into it and played with us.We had made love before “the guys” came over.We do that often so we made our guess feel comfortable (wink).

We all chatted a bit about the upcoming Six-year Anniversary party, March 10th and how to make it spicy and rememberable.We’d like guys that have been here before but haven’t attended in a while to show up.It would be nice to see Y’all again.
I’d like to ask you, attendees, to bring a fresh porn DVD next time you attend, please.We will give it back when you leave.Thanks.Again all members can bring a bud once free.


” Good time in Butler Pa.”

OMG! We got twelve men at the October 21st jack off meeting. What a good turn out, they just kept knocking on the door. No new faces so the guys were quite at ease with each other and chatted and joked.After a few shot their loads.

We had a true jacker from Y-town with a big hard dick.He enjoyed a beer as he jacked off watching the action.Dave did show up and I pleased him at the end of the meeting.Mike my gym buddy was here.Also, my lover, Gregg stayed home.

Great sex went on even in the hallway and they all left by 8:30 pm.


“Butler pa. sex group”

What an amazing turn out! They just kept knocking on the door.We got two new members ,one joined as a lifer and he is very sexy with his shaved head and sexy posing. The other young too with long hair and a manly beard.The steady guys enjoyed the new members,but no one brought a friend for free yet,which all members can once.
Never the less there is a lot of chatting now like whether Donald Trump has a big dick, as we watch a new leather porn.My 60 inch big screen went on the blink and Gregg and I had to bring out our bedroom tv for the guys.
I knew it was going to be a successful meeting because of the bad weather, but I didn’t know it was going to be this hot.If you missed it come to the next one September 16th at 6pm JOIN HERE..50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime.
Look for the fall 2017 dates in the newsletter which I publish seasonally. We will be switching back to a Sunday 2pm meeting soon.

The June 24th meeting.

We got six guys at the meeting.All hot and ready . Some kissing ,sucking, fucking and they all shot.One shot twice. I sat this one out and just hosted and gave out water.Gregg was good to me before the meeting.One member,Ken renewed his yearly membership.The rest were current members.

After a few left I helped my steady attendee,hot handsome Norm get Grindr and Scruff ,gay dating apps on his smartphone.Scruff was more successful for him.You will find me there too username Daburghjacks.Find me and I will point you to my guys on there.

The next meeting is July 8th and my birthday is July 13th.I will be asking for cum gifts on my jock strap from my guys.!

Gay pride meeting..

After Gregg and I watched “Milk” the gay rights movie to increase our gay pride,we welcomed six hot horny men into our home. A good turn out considering the good weather and the pride celebrations in downtown Pittsburgh.

One steady attendee liked to be bukkaked and the guys shot 3 big loads onto his face.We had a old very nice gentleman join as a yearly member.A steady attendee ,very handsome with a great ass come,Paul and Jeff and another Gregg young and tanned. Lot of jackin at this meeting and couch fun before they adjourned to the bedroom.Where safe fucking and sucking went on. Join the next meeting June 24th,2017 and be proud to be Gay and come out of the closet.


New Members, a couple!

The April 22nd, 2017 meeting got nine guys having fun.Seven horny fit sexy guys came into our home.Two were a handsome male married couple from Pittsburgh Carl and Mike.They were very comfortable playing with other guys together.They have been on my mailing list and following my blog post for years and never got free time to attend.We were very glad they did.
The other guys were regular attendees.Hung big uncut Dave, a lifer. Paul, Jeff, Greg and Neil my I.T. pal who is helping with my broken cart on the website.
There was some hot male-bonding at first on the couch.I enjoyed some good head while I looked at my guys enjoying themselves.They eventually ended up in my bedroom and had a full out orgy.With the wall-mounted tv playing great porn.
There was a brief water a convo break back in the living room with the 60-inch tv playing new porn.They then went back into the bedroom and dropped hot cum loads.Everyone shot, me too and my lover also.They heard his ecstasy scream when I blew him.

Join the special May National Masturbation month meetings they are going to be a blast!

How the last Sunday meeting went.

Nine chaps had some nice fun.Even my lover Gregg hung around for it.No new faces but two guys did renew their membership.Big Dan and Paul.Tom a gorgeous man fit and young returned from being here before.Norm, Micheal, and Derrick.Plus a tanned good looking young man who’s name I can’t recall.Me makes nine men, 18 balls.
This being the last Sunday meeting is not set in stone they may return in the winter of 2017, later this year. As for now the schedule is;
The Spring 2017 meeting dates
▪ April 8th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ April 22nd at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ May 13th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ May 27th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ June 10th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.
▪ June 24th at 6-9 pm in Butler pa.

The February 19th group.

Six men enjoyed the last meeting of February 2017.Gregg and I  welcomed four men into our home.One new face an older man named Tom.Norm, Jeff and Tony.

We enjoyed the very hot new porn and had a decent time. Due to the good weather ,we think we got the low numbers because people were out enjoying it.We talked it over with the guys present and will soon cancel all Sunday meetings and do Saturday night meetings twice a month. It seems to be the most successful day and time (6pm) to get a good crowd.So the next meeting -March 11th 2017 6pm, will be our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY(surprises involved please attend) and the March 19th 2pm meeting will be the last Sunday meeting.

Guys arriving before 6:15 pm to the 5-year Anniversary party 3/11/17 get in FREE.

(If your  members dues is due pay it at the next meeting you attend , if you arrive before 6:15.)


Successful first meeting of the year!

  Wow 10 hot horny men attended my first meeting of the year. Three new faces joined as yearly members.One young man in his late 20’s ,one farmer man in his 40’s and a older man in his 60’s.The seven other men have been here before and some of them pay per visit ,but most have joined up.

I was so busy being the host of this one that I didn’t get a chance to play of get my jock-strap wet.My bedroom went dark ,someone turned the light off and all the guys went in there.It was like a dark orgy room of guys! I sat in the kitchen on my pc and listened for knocks on the door.

After a break they went at it again.This time they spread out and went into my lovers(Gregg) bedroom where we sleep.After a few minutes we hear a guy scream in ecstasy his orgasm.We later would be chatting and kidded Norm ,a young 20ish man that comes recently to all the meeting about it.

I don’t know what went on in the “darkroom’ but they stayed in there a good while.I peeked in the breath in the hot manscent and when i guy came out he was sweaty and flushed. In my main living room we watch the porn on the big screen and one guy , a brother  shot his load. 

All in all everyone shot but one guy and one shot twice.All said they had a great time and would return.So sign up for the next meeting . January 17th at 2pm.