A bust , but!..

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Yeah October 8th ,2016 meeting only got two other guys then me.A bust ,but we got a hot new yearly member that was absolutely a man’s man. He was tall with a solid frame and big portions. A rugged shutting chin and strong German looks with a buzzed hair cut.Super masculine!

When he came out the bedroom and was fully nude I couldn’t believe the size and girth(6 inches around at the base) of his cock . 

His ball stretcher made his grade A size testicles  bounce on his body and I ignored the porn and watched him beat his very big dick with the Prince Albert piercings he wore. He ended up shooting on my dick and gym-jock and I returned the favor and came on his dick. If you are a member of the website you can chat a view Ken’s profile here;  http://daburghjacks.com/members-2/str8married/ Paul join us too and gave him a facial. Yeah only the three of us but we had a great time.

July 24th meeting,,,

Pittsburgh message board

Wow what a hot sexy time! The guys had a all out orgy! Eight horny men came .Lots of circle jerkin and a member got a good facial by two guys. No new faces just my hot Daburghjacks men.

  I got a email a while ago stating he thought we were purely jack off.Well I have a bedroom for extra play and from now on the living room is just for jackin, handjobs and kissing.

  We had from hairy to smooth to older to younger at this meeting. From thin to bear type. So if you think you will not fit in well you will .My guys have no hangups 

  I got a huge load on my gym-jock for a bear type member with balls that fill your hand! I have big hands.

The March 12th meeting

The meeting went well with three new men joining at the yearly level,Paul,Brett and Tim and two steady attendees .Though the number of men was unusually low ,we chalked the low number to it being St.Patrick’s Day  ,they still had a great time and all of them shot a load.Tim shot twice. I got plenty of jizz for my gym-jock!

The next meeting is March 20th at 2pm  a Sunday ,but keep the date clear on your calendar for April 9th at 6pm because that will be our four year anniversary party! I’m going to plan something special for that and do a strong campaign .Subscribe to the newsletter . I will post special discount codes in it. I’m accepting any ideas from members to spice up the fun .Email me at darren@daburghjacks.com . Join the group here. We get nice big parties as the weather gets better.

                                 HOT SEXY GUYS!


“Simply Amazing Turn out”!!

Pittsburgh message board

The January 17th 2016 Daburghjacks 2pm meeting got fourteen guys plus me that’s 15 guys=30 balls! This was the best turn out I’ve had since my First year Anniversary which got 22 guys. It started right away at 2pm 3 guys were at my door .All hot young and horny. They wasted no time stripping and helping themselves to refreshments.After that the men just started arriving until our apartment was filled with nude men,having all kinds of safe fun and pulling on their dicks as they roam from my living room to the two bed rooms where action could be had in all three rooms.It turned into a all male old-fashioned male orgy, with a lot of kissing( the guys are getting to know each other) and cock sucking.Plus I’m sure ass eating too.I was busy hosting and just felt and licked a little.

I hear some moaning from orgasms over the soft music with the shades closed and low lighting the mood was set for hot man sex. I got two nice loads into my brand new jock-strap. Which I went to the gym and sweated in and now enjoying the musky spunk aroma.

  Guess the stars were inline for this successful meeting and this is cold January! I usually get good turn outs like this in warm months. Thanks if you attend and leave a good comment with leave comment words at the top. Come back to the February meetings . We are finally achieving what  I always wanted, a core membership of guys that can’t wait to see eachother again!

tumblr_lv95f7ScfQ1r54z63o1_500 Join here!



May 4th 2015 ,Club Pittsburgh meeting

Pittsburgh message board

It was this areas’ first real warm and nice day! Unlike last month’s meeting at the club we only got 5 men,but they were hot and sexy!

Big John a steady club member joined in.We love when John attends .He makes masculine goon faces as he beats his great big dick.A young very handsome black man, thin with a cute smile.Nate my humpy crew cut hair buddy that shot twice for my gym-jock. A preppy type man with a hung cock, and a lover type bearded young man with a very sexy smooth body..

Not many guys were even in the club it was such a nice day out. Oh well some times a small group is fun too. I left after the first hour and let my men play.Gregg was waiting for me outside.


But the next meeting is our very usually hot, home meeting May 17th in Butler pa. Come relax in our darken living room and watch some porn on our big screen!

MY DIRTY JOCKshoot in jockstrap644300_370291699755705_1120076567_n