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This November 4th party was simply amazing.We got 10 men. All horny, relaxed, fit and hard even me! Beside that a hot young outdoorsy type with dark clean-cut hair, hung handsome and sexy body named Brett paid us a visit, the guys also enjoy gang-banging a young sexy stocky Italian man.He got 4 hard dicks up his ass. This was just one of his fantasies that got fulfilled at Daburghjacks.

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I was happy when I got two big loads to soak my gym-jockstrap and one hot load on my dick to jack with.

The guys at this meeting had sex appeal. With soft music from the porn on the big screen and loud group man action sound from the porn in the bedrooms and from the real sex too.

The lighting was off in all the rooms and the light came only from the televisions.The setting as always is just right for an orgy. Big beds with clean comforters, comfortable couches and lounge chairs with towels on them, lube to jack-off with and cold water to drink. And don’t forget the friendly non-pressure, personable host. The guys really “know” each other now which makes it even more relaxed, plus the safe play.

Man up and cut the “I’m nervous” correspondence crap I get with emails and text. YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME! When they start asking 1000 silly questions I’ve learned they are only fishing for the one that gives them a reason not to come.GROW SOME BALLS! And get here November 18th,2017 at 6pm. JOIN HERE. At 50$ a year or 100$ lifetime.

The December 18th meeting.

Pittsburgh message board

Well, I only got two guys, but we had some great fun.We watched a very hot HD quality gay porn on my big screen through the web browser .

I ended up sucking both of them off and flavoring up my gym-jock with their jizz.

The first meeting of the new year will be January 21st at 6pm. Come back guys and make Daburghjacks start off with some big FUN!!


A bust , but!..

Pittsburgh message board

Yeah October 8th ,2016 meeting only got two other guys then me.A bust ,but we got a hot new yearly member that was absolutely a man’s man. He was tall with a solid frame and big portions. A rugged shutting chin and strong German looks with a buzzed hair cut.Super masculine!

When he came out the bedroom and was fully nude I couldn’t believe the size and girth(6 inches around at the base) of his cock . 

His ball stretcher made his grade A size testicles  bounce on his body and I ignored the porn and watched him beat his very big dick with the Prince Albert piercings he wore. He ended up shooting on my dick and gym-jock and I returned the favor and came on his dick. If you are a member of the website you can chat a view Ken’s profile here;  http://daburghjacks.com/members-2/str8married/ Paul join us too and gave him a facial. Yeah only the three of us but we had a great time.

July 24th meeting,,,

Pittsburgh message board

Wow what a hot sexy time! The guys had a all out orgy! Eight horny men came .Lots of circle jerkin and a member got a good facial by two guys. No new faces just my hot Daburghjacks men.

  I got a email a while ago stating he thought we were purely jack off.Well I have a bedroom for extra play and from now on the living room is just for jackin, handjobs and kissing.

  We had from hairy to smooth to older to younger at this meeting. From thin to bear type. So if you think you will not fit in well you will .My guys have no hangups 

  I got a huge load on my gym-jock for a bear type member with balls that fill your hand! I have big hands.

The March 12th meeting

The meeting went well with three new men joining at the yearly level,Paul,Brett and Tim and two steady attendees .Though the number of men was unusually low ,we chalked the low number to it being St.Patrick’s Day  ,they still had a great time and all of them shot a load.Tim shot twice. I got plenty of jizz for my gym-jock!

The next meeting is March 20th at 2pm  a Sunday ,but keep the date clear on your calendar for April 9th at 6pm because that will be our four year anniversary party! I’m going to plan something special for that and do a strong campaign .Subscribe to the newsletter . I will post special discount codes in it. I’m accepting any ideas from members to spice up the fun .Email me at darren@daburghjacks.com . Join the group here. We get nice big parties as the weather gets better.

                                 HOT SEXY GUYS!


The February 13th meeting.

The meeting went well we got eight men.Mostly on the older side but they were good looking and experienced .We got four new faces and three signed on as yearly members.

It was quiet at first as the guys downed some beers and watched the new porn I had found.I had to get the party started and break the ice by blowing a very handsome new guy on my couch. I made a joke about being the fluffier and everyone laughed .They then started coupling up and the sex was on!

We did a lot of chatting and asking about each other while nude at this meeting.A few went into my bedroom to watch the guys 69ing. Only half the guys shot their loads so it was more a meet and greet meeting.A new comer stayed  to be the last to leave ,the handsome one with the clef chip that I started the action with on the couch.He and and I and a young man with a very thick cock ,big balls and mushroom head ,had a hot session in my bed and I got big clear load on my gym-jock. It was a  good meeting but we had better, but for the new guys it was great or so they said.

Attend the next one February 21st at 2pm and keep a lookout for notices about the up come four year anniversary. 

The first night meeting at my home,12/12/2015

Success! Wow. They came to the meeting slowly. The last one showed up at 7:40 pm. he was in his 20’s horny and handsome as can be! He immediately took his pants off like he’d been here before,which he had not.Whip out a ready big hard dick, sat in a lounge chair .A local to Butler Pa. man went down on him in front of everyone.
I got eight horny men. Five were real yearly members and three joined this meeting as a non-member.They had lots of fun at multiple times.
Ages from 65 to 30ish,one African-American like me the rest were white guys.
Geez what a party! I had some cool Isley Brothers playing in the background. I offered beer and water, pop to all the guest.One man asked for poppers, which I supplied for him.I saw one guy getting hog tied and was told late ,something bizarre and kinky happened.
Lots of SPUNKLUBE was being used and we had a impromptu circle jerk in the hall watching the men on my bed.I got some cum on my dick to jack off with.
Later I would get Bigred to shoot right onto my cum-rag gym-jockstrap. I’m wearing it now and the aroma is intoxicating. Lot of cum shooting and cock-sucking went on,plus other safe play. Join at the 50$ level,you will not be disappointed.