” Pittsburgh Men’s group”

Thirteen must be our lucky number because that is how many guys we got again at this meeting like the last meeting. We got one new member a hairy Italian, who edged alot until he shot a huge load for my pouch.Both married couples showed up.And the chit-chat after the play made me feel closer to “my guys”.

I have a party idea that I need feedback on in the comments. Once at one of the my meetings I used to have years ago at another venue, a stocky muscular ruggedly handsome member shot on my dick and I used his cum to squirt.I was very hot and we did it again at another meeting .It was such a turn on to face a guy and exchange our man-milk on each-others tool. Plus I advertise a cum-like lube product. Just giving you guys future ideas to get you off at any future meeting. If you have any hot jack off experiences or ideas(handjobs, edging contest, distance shooting)let us know and tell me what you think about this one.

Going to write the schedule for the fall 2017 meetings in the fall 2017 newsletter soon. Look in our spam folder if you dont see in our inbox. To get the newsletter where I go more in-depth to what happens at meetings with pictures, email me your email address to ; darrren8@aol.com , no typo. To keep it simple JOIN HERE at 50$ per year.

The June 8th Club Pittsburgh meeting.


Ten men participated in the June 8th,2015 Club Pittsburgh meeting.Three of them over 40 years old.We grouped up in the basement floor of the club in a back room with two futons and two chairs.I had purchased for hot porn dvd’s geared to male masturbation on our recent trip to Atlantic City and the club staff brought down the big screen tv from the lounge area for us to use(the guys at Club Pitt are so nice to us).

I greeted and handed out to tickets to the event at the lobby while my partner took the ticket from the guys down stairs at the play area.

The guys said it was a fun time and the cool safe theme of jacking off is just what some wanted.

After the meeting Gregg and I went up Penn avenue to the a store to get some items to pimp out the car for the gay pride march. Look for us June 14th in the parade!Also join Daburghjacks as a real member.   This will be the only option for locals starting in July,2015.