Tickets at Club Pittsburgh…

We think we came up with a solution to get the guys to stay in the play area at Club Pittsburgh.Yesterday jack off meeting was sort of a bust .I only got 6 men.Three guys got there money back for shooting into the cum-bowl in celebration on National Masturbation Month. I couldn’t believe the size of the first three guys penises .A young black man was traditionally  hung like a brother should be. Two white guy had long hung cocks, one nine incher that hung half way down his leg when soft.The other white guy about 50 had a very hard big thick tool! He hit the cum bowl too and a tall 34 year old with a fat long dick shoot long spurts into it too.

I have doing this payment thing all wrong at the club. No wonder I can’t at least get them to come down the stairs to the meeting and stay.When guys enter Club Pittsburgh at 6pm on Monday’s they are told to pay 10 bucks to get into the club and 5$ when they go downstairs and see me.Well by then they have changed with no clothes on and a towel only,with no pockets.It’s not customer-friendly to expect them to remember to bring 5$ down stairs.So I will have tickets at the front desk and all money transaction will be done at one time.You pay for both entrance to the club and the jack-off group at one time and get a ticket to hand me when you come down. 

The next meeting is at my home in Butler pa. The man with the biggest load will get his 10 bucks back in celebration of National Masturbation Month. 

May is National Masturbation Month! (read my newsletter)

 Pittsburgh message board

The home meeting  of April 13th 2014,  went nice, nine men showed up.Four new comers.Plus my dude and I made eleven.It was a very relaxed meeting,some had to leave early and only a few shot their loads.It was fun having a nice turn out and if you are a man that showed up ,please return in May because May is National Masturbation month and we will doing something special and different.I’m open to ideas in your comments here.I.e. a circle jerk shooting contest,where the first man to shoot gets his money back, or who ever can shoot the farthest or have the biggest load. Get back to me at which one you would like,if you attend.
   Give me some face to face feedback at the next meeting which is at Club Pittsburgh May 5th and KEEP JACKIN!