“Butler pa. sex group”

What an amazing turn out! They just kept knocking on the door.We got two new members ,one joined as a lifer and he is very sexy with his shaved head and sexy posing. The other young too with long hair and a manly beard.The steady guys enjoyed the new members,but no one brought a friend for free yet,which all members can once.
Never the less there is a lot of chatting now like whether Donald Trump has a big dick, as we watch a new leather porn.My 60 inch big screen went on the blink and Gregg and I had to bring out our bedroom tv for the guys.
I knew it was going to be a successful meeting because of the bad weather, but I didn’t know it was going to be this hot.If you missed it come to the next one September 16th at 6pm JOIN HERE..50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime.
Look for the fall 2017 dates in the newsletter which I publish seasonally. We will be switching back to a Sunday 2pm meeting soon.

“Simply Amazing Turn out”!!

Pittsburgh message board

The January 17th 2016 Daburghjacks 2pm meeting got fourteen guys plus me that’s 15 guys=30 balls! This was the best turn out I’ve had since my First year Anniversary which got 22 guys. It started right away at 2pm 3 guys were at my door .All hot young and horny. They wasted no time stripping and helping themselves to refreshments.After that the men just started arriving until our apartment was filled with nude men,having all kinds of safe fun and pulling on their dicks as they roam from my living room to the two bed rooms where action could be had in all three rooms.It turned into a all male old-fashioned male orgy, with a lot of kissing( the guys are getting to know each other) and cock sucking.Plus I’m sure ass eating too.I was busy hosting and just felt and licked a little.

I hear some moaning from orgasms over the soft music with the shades closed and low lighting the mood was set for hot man sex. I got two nice loads into my brand new jock-strap. Which I went to the gym and sweated in and now enjoying the musky spunk aroma.

  Guess the stars were inline for this successful meeting and this is cold January! I usually get good turn outs like this in warm months. Thanks if you attend and leave a good comment with leave comment words at the top. Come back to the February meetings . We are finally achieving what  I always wanted, a core membership of guys that can’t wait to see eachother again!

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2015 Father’s day meeting.

Pittsburgh message board

Not a bad turn out for a holiday it being the first time we held it on Father’s day.Seven men showed up on this first day of Summer 2015.We had 3 new faces,2 of them quite fatherly in their 60’s the one young new face was a very hot cinnamon toned black man in his 20’s with a lean smoking hot body big dick and very cute face.
He ended up sitting between Nate a regular muscular man with animal magnetism looks (25) and Nick (30) my hairy shaved headed member with his big dick.Jim a frequent participant with his mushroom headed dick and huge balls, ended up give our handsome married man a facial.
We enjoyed the shooting contest porn that was being played on the big screen tv.I offer beef and water to a few and two guys mixed their jizz with mine in the cum-bowl.
I informed everyone how we are going members only next month and they were alright with it.Daburghjacks is not closing any time soon.In fact we are going to grow,so if you think you will slap the 50$ yearly or 100$ lifetime and then I cancel the groups you are wrong.You also may think why charge at all.A lot of time and energy goes into setting up and campaigning for the meetings and keeping the website going.Also I been doing this a while since 2011 and when I communicate with guys that want to come they say yes.Next thing you know after they beat-off or get laid and they forget all about coming,so slapping down a few bucks adds to the commitment of coming to the meeting.
I have tried not to be negative in my blog,but I need to state that my experience with guys that call or email with a hundred questions are just curious and want to join but are just fishing for reasons not to come.They have hang ups and are not the group type and just waste my time and always don’t show up.
Honestly most of the guys are fit and young and hot,but we get a mix of guys in every group that are not the Adonis type.
So please be into open group action if you are considering being a member. We are real men and hot handsome men so join today!We are members only. Next meeting is July 6th at Club Pittsburgh at 6pm.

The June 8th Club Pittsburgh meeting.


Ten men participated in the June 8th,2015 Club Pittsburgh meeting.Three of them over 40 years old.We grouped up in the basement floor of the club in a back room with two futons and two chairs.I had purchased for hot porn dvd’s geared to male masturbation on our recent trip to Atlantic City and the club staff brought down the big screen tv from the lounge area for us to use(the guys at Club Pitt are so nice to us).

I greeted and handed out to tickets to the event at the lobby while my partner took the ticket from the guys down stairs at the play area.

The guys said it was a fun time and the cool safe theme of jacking off is just what some wanted.

After the meeting Gregg and I went up Penn avenue to the a store to get some items to pimp out the car for the gay pride march. Look for us June 14th in the parade!Also join Daburghjacks as a real member.   This will be the only option for locals starting in July,2015.