WOW!! A Young men,big dick party!

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Out of eleven men two were in their forties the rest were all in there twenty’s  and early thirties and were fit and fine! It was a very successful meeting and the cum was pouring. We had to use the back room,room 201 on the basement/dance floor area of Club Pittsburgh because it was the only tv that was working down there that showed the hot porn.

I was upstairs greeting my men and handing out to tickets for Gregg my partner to accept at the velvet rope of our play area.The room they had to assemble in turn out to be quite cozy with soft futon couches and a few chairs.A young Latin man had a thick long dick and two young white guys met the challenge with big cocks of their own.I peeked in several times and got off on the aroma of nude men jackin off and I wanked a bit. All the guys were handsome and sexy as hell!

Every now and then I have a meeting that is just perfect.This ranked as one of them .My only disappointment was that no one hit the cum-bowl  so I came home with a dry jockstrap, but that is my fetish and my men had a great time. I ask a few as they left if they shot their cum load and all did except three. Damien the staff greeter of Club Pittsburgh said it must be the good weather and that means the meetings will be getting better.If you have been coming, keep coming and if you been thinking about it ,now is the time to attend.

Join the fun at the home meeting April 19th ,2015 in Butler pa.

June 2nd meeting..

It was good 8 men paid and 7 participated . My partner and I ran it differently this month to get the guys together hoping they would remain together and have fun.I stayed upstairs and greeted my guys and directed them to where we play and gave them tickets ,while my partner, Gregg received the guys at the party door downstairs. Like I have mentioned before Club Pittsburgh is big and has lots of other spa-like amenities to offer so my men tend to stray there. That being said it started off good and 3 guys hit the cum-bowl.

Mr.Pittsburgh of 2013 showed up in a Meir cap and leather harness and jockstrap.He was very friendly and want to keep coming and network with my website.Next meeting is the home meeting, in Butler pa. June 22nd .