The May 13th meeting.

Four men had some jack off and sucking fun at the May 13th,2017 meeting.Circle jerkin and leg bowing penis masturbation, self and mutual! Some kissing and I had the newcomer Bruce do frottage on my belly.We grinded until he spent a huge load that ran hot down my hip. He won the new porn DVD for the biggest load.

A steady member named Greg shot into the bowl . Paul came by frottage with Bruce too.The next meeting will still celebrate masturbation month.May 27th labor day weekend . Include us in your plans.The deal for this meeting is , if you are a member you can bring a buddy one time for free.If joining at any level,50$ or 100$ lifetime you also can bring a buddy May 27th for free.

Small but good..

Five very hot men, all fit and from 22 to 45 years old showed up to the May 18th home meeting.I heard a knock on the door at noon and wondered who it was when the meeting starts at 2pm.I answered the door and a hot blonde blue eyed guy 27 years old was there for the party.I told him he was early and to please come back because he was a HOTTIE times three!.With his dirty work boots and his hands were still dirty from ,(I was to learn later)the lawn work he does.He would later leave early without cumming but sported a nice dick and ass and had never really been with guys but was okay with us and wanted to check it out.

   At two pm my steady buddy(40) from way up north,New York knocked on the door.I was very happy to see him.In past meetings he has shot on my dick and I used his jizz as lube to cum.He is a true jacker,not into oral or anal,very beefy barrel hairy chested with big nipples,handsome with a goatee and butch crew cut.Very masculine and muscular arms and legs, and hung thick ,plus a multiple shooter.He told me he had not jacked off in three days,when he usually does it three times a day.
     After a while the blonde hottie came back ,then a steady attending redhead (30)hung,semi-hairy, then a very young Afro-American boy about 22 came.He disappeared into the bathroom and I brought him out and he relaxed after a while.He was young and a bit girlish ,which some men enjoy and when he stripped naked had a smooth coco colored body with not one mark on it!Finally a very straight bi-man showed up with a easy self assured air about him.He exuded total confidence.He was about 45 and had looks like Madlock but clean shaven .He sat in the center lounge chair and just took his pants down and showed off his sexy legs and a very long cock.
     My beefy buddy from New York shot three times! Once into the cum-bowl,while he felt up the young boys’ bottom.And Madlock shot then too.His second time was into the young guys hand and it was very copious!The third time privately in my bedroom with the door closed, with the young black boy on his chest and the youth shot with him.The red-head had cum with the youth straddling him earlier.
     I got six nice loads into the cumbowl,and needless to say my New York buddy got his ten bucks back in celebration of National Masturbation Month.
   Join us June 2nd,2014 for the next jack-off meeting at Club Pittsburgh at 6pm.