“Orgy in Butler Pa.”

We got seven guys at this orgy.Two new guys, one a sexy young Mexican at the lifetime level and an out-of-town that went down on my dick as soon as he got naked.He had poppers to go with us sucking each other’s cocks.The young new man was shy at first and explained he liked a more intimate encounter so when a few men left he warmed up and had fun with three other men. Paul brought a new blanket for the play bed.We got a new big screen a 65″ inch for the main room.Norm hasn’t brung his kilt yet for us to bob our heads under.We told him he could come into the home with pants and put it on here. I changed from the second Saturday of the month to the first Saturday, so that it fits uncut Dave’s schedule.I was told by a member that he will make the adjustment soon. The new man Carlos, said he found out about the group at a bar, from a friend, someone that came to a meeting.I was pleased.Word of mouth is the best advertiser.So I’m asking you not to keep it a secret and talk about it as well.Thanks.October 21st is the next meeting pay your yearly(50) or lifetime(100) dues HERE

The November 12th ,2016 meeting!

Pittsburgh message board

Boy what a  hot time the seven guys had. Hung Neal ,pretty butt Norm and Mike and Jeff steady members came.We got three hot new faces.Fit and handsome men.

They all enjoy dark bedrooms one with candles and music and spent lots of time having hot man sex.

I got a big load on my jockstrap and the guys sat around nude afterwards and enjoyed each others company. Neal wore a hot new leather jockstrap that cradled his very thick meat. Some one left a big bottle of poppers which we allow.

The new guys said they had big fun and liked it a lot and will return. Don’t miss the next meeting November 20th at 2pm.

The March 15th home meeting..

Pittsburgh message board

Well last month we had three guys and this month the same number ,plus my dude and I ,so five men had a fairly good time.Even though through my campaigning for this meeting got a great response just three men had the balls to show up.

I was happily surprised by  the return of a steady member Dave( very hung and thick curved uncut cock) who was the first to arrive.Then a new guy thin with a always hard cockringed dick, and Nick the shaved headed young man with a huge piece ,that has been coming regularly  . The last two managed to hit the cum-bowl while getting rimmed.

I know guys want to come and once they have ,see that it is a very cool deal.I also been doing this a while and men that keep me on the phone asking a million questions will not be coming.That goes true with emailing too.I cut them a break and answer the questions because I know their  apprehension ,but I also know they wont show up.I have a F.A.Q. page meaning frequently asked questions and this blog, but I know guys want a more one on one “interview” with me to ease their fears,and I’m alright with that so dont be afraid to call or email me.But please use the F.A.Q page and this blog first.

Guys still want to know if “sex” is going on at the meetings.I assume they mean anal play which we down play here and sucking with we do engage in .As far as that, oral play just ask the guy ,he may be a true jacker and want to be watched.